The Lil’ Book Bug new and used bookstore at 742 W. Lancaster Blvd., will host children’s authors from noon to 4 p.m., Saturday.

Local resident and self-published author Trevor Murray will sign and sell his children’s books, “Closet Monster” and “Daddy, What if I?” both of which are featured for sale online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“I have quite an imagination,” he said. “My goal is to entertain audiences and send positive messages through my writing.”

Murray, who has lived in the Antelope Valley for most of his life, started writing in a journal at the age of 10. His first book was published in 2011. He’s dabbled in different genres, writing an autobiography, fictional novella and romance thriller, but he finds it easier to publish children’s books — plus it goes along with his playful and goofy personality.

“Closet Monster” is a story time book in which imagination manifests into a monster that becomes the child’s best friend.

“It’s a fun story that is also visually pleasing,” Murray said. “It teaches that with imagination, anything is possible. It also breaks the stigma of fear of the unknown.”

“Daddy, What if I?”, Murray’s sixth book published, follows a boy named Aiden who is curious about the world and seeks guidance from his father on his options for the future.

“The story is about having that support system and following your dreams,” he said.

As Aiden goes through different career options with his father, he becomes confident that whatever career he chooses, his dad will support it.

“This isn’t just for children, it’s for adults too — anyone who has a dream, really,” Murray said.

He wrote this story specifically for his 4-year-old son Aiden to look back at some day. As a parent, Murray has learned a lot about love and being that guiding support for his son, giving him the tools he needs to approach the world.

For Murray, writing has always been a dream and he is looking forward to the day he can make it a full-time career.

To see him and the other children’s authors, stop by the Lil’ Book Bug Bookstore Saturday, even if it’s just to say hi.

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