Living Dead Girl

Rising from the grave with the savvy and execution to become your next favorite Metal act, “Exorcism,” the much-anticipated debut from Canadian metal powerhouse Living Dead Girl, has been gifted to fans.

Formed in 2017 as a contemporary Metal project helmed by band leader and vocalist Molly Rennick, the act’s name is a nod to Horror Rock veteran Rob Zombie’s well known 1998 song “Living Dead Girl.”    

Combining Goth-inspired Heavy Metal (Nine Inch Nails) with a Pop-Punk attitude in the style of fellow Canadian front-woman Avril Lavigne, the music is an extension of Rennick’s personality.

“This journey began over four years ago and after all the blood, sweat and tears I put into creating my debut album, I am beyond excited and proud to finally unleash ‘Exorcism’ to the world,” she said in a press release coinciding with the album’s drop. “This record expresses my personality better than anything else ever could and the energy and passion on it are going to hook you the moment you listen to it.”

“Alive,” the album’s first single and beginning song modulates from serene to pulverizing. Controlling a robust vocal range to express a disdain for monotony in daily life, Rennick’s singular dominion over the song and the rest of the work is complemented by studio-wizardry typical of the genre.

Packed with myriad samples, gliding vocal harmonies, heavy, incensed staccato riffs and an anthemic chorus, the feel of this track is a nice appetizer for the 10 other relentless tracks.

Originally scheduled for release during the 2020 pandemic, this debut album finally saw the light of day on June 10.  

Behind the control boards, production took place in Los Angeles by acclaimed producer Mitchell Marlow (In This Moment, All That Remains). Mastering, meanwhile, was completed by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Metallica.)  

Commenting on the superficial plastic culture that dominates beauty standards in the US, thunderous drums and riffs on “Beautiful” summon images of crowds head-banging with fists in the air.

Its sing-along chorus, “I just wanna be beautiful like a photoshopped picture in a magazine. I just want the impossible, don’t you understand what I mean?” is a prime example of how Rennick offsets heavy vocals with other, layered pop inflections. Fans of Ice Nine Kills, listen up.

Vocally melodic with soft keys meandering over heavy elements, “Give Up” can’t help but detonate with a seething rage from the point of view of a spurned lover.

Consumed at once, the continuous barrage of Metal sounds and screamy vocals on this explicit release might lose their shine midway through for some.

However, songs like the title track, “At the Edge” and “Stronger” show her willingness to have fun and experiment with the genre.

As infectious as a bite from the shambling undead and mostly lean of filler, “Exorcism,” is a exciting debut from Living Dead Girl.

Exorcism is available for streaming and at Additional bundles, including physical CDs, vinyl and exclusive merchandise are available at

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