Late Night Tales

Khruangbin, the eclectic psychedelic three-piece band from Texas, wrap up a productive year with their own “Late Night Tales” series, the curated 12 track, “Late Night Tales: Khruangbin.” 

Still hot following the release of their fourth album, “Mordechai,” Laura Lee (bass), Mark Speer (guitar) and Donald Johnson (drums) play DJ over a mostly tame mix featuring  international artists. More than that, they also complete a career arc — getting their start by being included on “LNT” several years ago.

Opening track on the collection released Dec. 4,  “I Know That,” (Brilliantes del Vuelo, 1974), a Dub composition, is stripped down and spacey with echo and reverb fluctuating throughout filtered vocals. Having worked extensively with Dub and related styles, this song reflects the group’s Dub interests.

“DRM” (Kelly Dole) follows with an off kilter, Electronic, Hip-Hop instrumental that sounds equally surreal and futuristic.

Back to the heavy ’70s vibe on this project, “Don’t Go” (Sanullim, 1981) honors the renowned and successful South Korean Psychedelic Rock act as they dish out Disco bass and keys. 

A highlight, thanks to a commanding vocal performance by legendary Tejano vocalist David  Marez (the Royal Jesters), “Enséñame” simmers and sways, crashing like the thoughts of the inquisitive, smitten narrator. Chorus lyrics translated from Spanish to English like,“Teach me how to love you. Teach me what love is. I will give you all my pride and I will give myself forever. Show me your things, show me your whole being,” has the power to shake you to your core when Marez flexes his vocal range.

“Can You Feel The Love (Reprise)” by Gerald Lee, is taken from the film “Black Shampoo” (1976). Less self-absorbed than its predecessor, layered melodies backed by synths support this otherwise slow ode to love.  

Closing the curtains on the worldwide ’70s nostalgia trip that “Late Night Tales: Khruangbin” ushers you through, “Still You (Justine and The Punks), track 8 by George Yagani & Nadia Band, and this project’s exclusive cover of Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness,” offer myriad smooth-sounding experiences for varying tastes.  

“Summer Madness’ became a staple in this medley that we play,” Johnson noted in a statement upon the collection’s release. “Specifically, one of my favorite things about it is the tone of the bass, which really reminds me a lot of Laura Lee’s bass, which has this chunky peanut butter-rich tone.

The second and final exclusive of the reflective compilation, “Transmission for Jehn: Gnossienne No 1,” produced by Khruangbin for Tierney Malone and Geoffrey Muller dissolves with an interstellar spoken-word performance.

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