Miso Sushi

(661) 269-4050

3729 Sierra Hwy, Acton

(661) 940-6369

44230 10th St. W, Lancaster

Last week while in Acton at lunchtime I thought a nice cold refreshing Japanese salad would be just the ticket. Miso Sushi has about 25 different salads on their menu and I have tried quite a few over the years but the Mango, Avocado Chicken Salad by far, is my favorite. It is a huge beautifully presented plate, even in the take-out container! Smooth, creamy avocados—juicy, fresh tomatoes—moist teriyaki chicken on a cool, crisp bed of lettuce with soy-ginger-sesame dressing, and…the crowning piece…the zestiest mango in town! It was fun to take different combinations of bites. All of them perfection— exactly the way I remembered it—fresh, healthy and delicious. Even though I went for salad, I just had to add the Dragon Roll to my order. Fresh, understated, smoky eel, with smooth, nutty avocado outside and perfect sushi rice and crab inside, drizzled with the most habit-forming eel sauce! And the final flourish—pink and red spicy cream sauce looking like a dragon breathing fire! Sake, soju & beer are available as well for take-out Mon-Fri.11AM-8:30PM, Sat. & Sun 4-8:30PM.

DON CHATO Mexican Restaurant

(661) 947-7166.

38350 30th St. East, Palmdale

(661) 269-2005

3807 Sierra Hwy., Acton

Last week my granddaughter came to visit for the day and she wanted Mexican food and since I had to make a stop on the eastside of Palmdale, I called and placed our order—Cheese Enchilada (suiza style) and Shredded Beef Taco Combination, Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail like a “salad in a glass” and Shrimp Enchiladas. The cheese enchilada (corn tortilla dipped in green sauce, stuffed with cheese and served with sliced avocado and sour cream was then smothered in melted cheese and more green sauce) had a very delightful and fresh flavor. The crispy taco was filled to the brim with an abundance of deliciously seasoned beef, lettuce and cheese which was ever so tasty.

Now, the Shrimp Enchiladas were my personal favorite—creamy, cheesy and chock full of delicious, succulent shrimp simmered in green tomatillo sauce then blanketed inside two flour tortillas and smothered with more cheese and tomatillo sauce on top. Delicate, rich and savory. Lunch, Dinner and cocktails—fabulous margaritas in a myriad of flavors available Mon.-Thur. 11AM-7PM; Fri. Sat. & Sun. 11AM-8PM for take-out.

Buffalo Wild Wings

(661) 947-0900

40155 10th St. W. Palmdale

I woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning craving wings and beer—Buffalo Wild Wings to the rescue! House Sampler complete with Ultimate Nachos (a classic turned ultimate with double layered house-made tortilla chips, chili, house-made pico de gallo, fresh jalapenos, crema & salsa), Onion Rings (thick cut, beer battered then fried to a golden crisp), Mozzarella Sticks (fried cheesy goodness) and Boneless Wings (tender all-white chicken lightly breaded and perfectly cooked to a golden brown spun in our choice-bourbon honey mustard, as they had us at “bourbon”. Since it was the wings we were craving, we added ten traditional, fresh, award-winning and authentic Buffalo, New York-style wings in Honey BBQ flavor and two 32 oz growlers of Samuel Adams. The appetizers were fabulous. Full bodied nachos, juicy and tender wings, light and flavorful onion rings and very cheesy mozzarella sticks. The honey BBQ wings were such a guilty pleasure—sweet, sassy, juicy and delicious. Then, washed it all down with the coldest and most refreshing beer—the perfect Saturday morning. Open daily at 11AM for take-out and delivery thru the app or delivery partners.

Bigtuna Japanese Restaurants

1329 W. Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale 

(661) 273-9966

43530 10th St. West, Lancaster

(661) 942-6699

I think bigtuna has been voted AV’s Best Sushi year after year for their consistent big taste which I experienced for dinner last week—Chicken Teriyaki, Shrimp Kushi Yaki and Spicy Shrimp and Crab Roll Combination, Unagi Bowl and Sake. The salad greens were crisp and palate-cleansing—the soup was lightly flavored, very pleasant and perfect for sipping—the teriyaki chicken was exceptionally seasoned and juicy—the sweetly marinated grilled shrimp was easy to eat and the spicy shrimp and crab roll was cool and slightly sweet at first, with a hot after bite, which lingered for a while, ending with a duller, burning flavorful taste. It was one incredible-tasting roll. The Unagi Bowl contained an abundant amount of broiled freshwater eel topped with eel sauce—similar to teriyaki sauce, only slightly thicker. It was served over a bowl of steamed sushi rice. Very rich and sweet with an earthy aroma and a soft, flaky-type texture, almost sweet enough to be considered dessert and the perfect ending to my dinner. Open daily 11:30AM-8:30PM for take-out and delivery.

Trio Coffee House

(661) 480-5363

38713 N. Tierra Subida Ste 210, Palmdale

The best way to start the day is with a cup of positivity and that is very easy to do with a cup of coffee from Antelope Valley’s newest local coffee house. With a focus on sustainable coffee, roasted locally in Southern California, Trio takes pride in serving the finest coffee, and locally made pastries and desserts. My friend, patsy mentioned her favorite drink was a medium iced 50/50% decaf, café latte, almond milk with sugar free salted caramel—as I read the order off to the server, he immediately said, “that’s Patsy’s favorite! Well, she had me at salted caramel and he kept me with his genuine-ness and great customer service. A delightful combination of sweet and salty—the best of both worlds combined together to make the perfect drink. However, they are more than coffee, with teas, fusions. smoothies and juices plus scones, cupcakes, muffins, bagels, paninis and avocado toast. If, that isn’t enough you can brew your own with the purchase of a 12 oz bag of Trio Coffee beans. Open for take-out & delivery daily 7:30AM-6:30PM

Big Belly Pizza Co.

(661) 941-3339

42458 60th St. West #115, Quartz Hill

One of the newest pizzerias to hit the Antelope Valley pizza scene has begun to get some notoriety for delicious food and great service. Besides your typical fare of pizza, pasta, wings, sandwiches, calzones and dessert they also have some unique specialty pizzas like the Big Dill filled with pesto, pickles and onions, topped with creamy garlic sauce or the TNT not for the faint of heart, made with hot Cheeto crumbles and nacho cheese. If you have dietary concerns gluten-free and cauliflower

crust are available. The menu is simple but the taste is complex and sizes range from big to bigger to biggest. I ordered a Canadian bacon and pineapple, perfect crust “bigger” (14 inch-pizza) and had them “wing my pizza” for an extra $5 giving me six chicken wings in my flavor choice—sweet Asian— salty, crispy, sweet, sticky and a little bit spicy. I also added cheesy garlic bread—an indulgent comfort food—cheesy, garlic-y deliciousness! The last item on my order was a cannoli with chocolate chips—sweet and delicious ending to my meal. Open daily for pick-up and delivery daily 11AM-10PM.

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