Chelly’s Café

(661) 267-1700

40008 10th St. W Palmdale

Are you looking for a wonderful place to treat your taste buds—a place with exceptional and delicious culinary treats hand-made from a host of marvelous, time-tested and popular recipes? If so, then plan on visiting Chelly’s Café real soon.  My online order started with a giant-sized double bacon cheeseburger—melted jack cheese dripping over perfectly cooked bacon and two very juicy hand ground and hand formed patties made for a most wonderful burger. There is something to be said about a made from scratch kitchen, seems to just give it an extra awesome flavor. Served with a generous portion of crisp, yummy French fries and a cold and crisp dill pickle spear. As you can see by the picture that was one giant burger! The taste definitely matched the size. Arissa chose the pork chops and eggs served with grits and an English muffin—man, what a meal. Two of the juiciest, most flavorful pork chops I have ever tasted—grits were also cooked just right with great consistency and delicious flavor. We were two very happy campers. Family owned and operated and specializing in fast and friendly service daily 8AM-2PM for patio dining, take-out & delivery.


Fresh Juice & Smoothies

39341 10th St. West Palmdale

The most delicious blended smoothie you’ve ever dreamed of. With fruits like banana, coconut and pineapple, this drink is basically a tropical rave in your mouth! Add frozen yogurt, sherbet and papaya juice to the equation and you will be in smoothie heaven like my daughter was with her pina koolada. I was looking for dairy free and low calorie—the young lady at the counter suggested a superfood smoothie. Berry beneficial was my choice—strawberries, blueberries, banana, flax seed, vanilla almond milk, agave and raspberry juice all blended together to create that tropical rave.  Arissa chose the acai strawnana berry bowl—this healthy, fruity goodness is a must-try when visiting Robek’s—thick acai berry blend topped with fruits, granola, raw honey and other awesome goodies. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day. Many other smoothies (performance—high energy & protein, acai, classic, wellness, low-calorie) available with various fruits, juices and other goodies to add, including enrichments and supplements. Or, maybe you just want a wellness shot of wheatgrass, lemon-ginger and turmeric—definitely a very healthy place to enjoy something cold and refreshing. Open for take-out, curbside pickup and no-contact delivery Mon.-Sat. 7AM-8PM; Sun. 7AM-6:30PM. 

Pepe El Toro

Mexican & Seafood

(661) 726-7859

44219 20th St. West Lancaster

Craving shrimp cocktail last week brought Arissa and I to this authentic little Mexican mom & pop restaurant I have been dining at for over 25 years. Called ahead to pick up carne asada street tacos, shrimp cocktail and taquitos. Warm corn tortillas loaded with juicy, melt-in-your-mouth marinated steak and onions topped with rich salsa—simple but full of flavor. Taquitos exploding with flavor— well-seasoned shredded beef smothered in a creamy, bright homemade guacamole; silky, tangy sour cream and topped with a fresh vibrant salsa. Juicy perfection boasting a symphony of flavors that you will have to taste to believe! The shrimp cocktail was everything I hoped it would be as I have been enjoying it for the past 25 years—rich, red sauce loaded with nice sized succulent shrimp, cubed avocado, onions and cilantro served with slices of lime and saltine crackers. I ground up some of my chips and put them in the left-over sauce and then ate it with a spoon!  The flavor is just so incredible; you don’t want it to end and then you will be craving it for days on end! Open Wednesday-Monday, closed Tuesday 11AM-9PM for take-out.

Gino’s Ristorante


44960 Valley Central Way Lancaster

Two weeks ago, during my birthday dining frenzy, my step-daughter asked if she could have a birthday dinner delivered to me and we would get together to celebrate at a later date. I remembered seeing a fb post regarding an excellent halibut entrée at Gino’s, so I went online to check it out. I never in my wildest imagination could have fathomed how much food there would be in the one dinner entrée, but definitely enough for my companion and I to share! Panko-parmesan herb crusted halibut with a buttercream lemon sauce, capellini checca, salad, garlic bread and chocolate fudge cake—wow, what a feast! The halibut was tender, moist and delicately flavored with the creamy lemony sauce—fresh and delicious. The pasta was the perfect fresh tomato summer dish with very few ingredients—spaghetti, tomatoes, olives and basil and had a flavor burst like none other. Made from scratch Italian dressing is excellent on salad but I enjoyed using it to dip my garlic bread—perfect balance of oil, vinegar, herbs & spices. Lastly was my fabulous cake—so ooey goey, lite, chocolatey and so fabulous. Open daily 11am for outside patio dining with misters (28 tables socially distanced), take-out & delivery. Reservations accepted on weekends. 

Broken Bit

(661) 943-8228

41955 50th St. West,Quartz Hill

One last birthday dinner only this time we dined outside on the lovely patio reminiscent of the old west with pallets all around and strings of sparkling lights. It was still light out when we arrived, but just as romantic—immediately ordering fun hand-crafted cocktails to start. Annie Oakley raspberry martini—a true delight; sweet, refreshing with a tasty sugar rim and a red rooster bloody Mary—outstanding flavor; smoky, spicy and delicious. For dinner I had my usual—house salad with grilled salmon (I use the honey balsamic dressing to dip my salmon in) and my partner had the “Bit’s” stroganoff. Fettuccini, mushrooms, sliced filet tips—what a treat! This was a first time and definitely won’t be the last time—very simple, but something about the way the intensely savory flavor of the mushrooms melded with the rich sauce then adding the most tender and juicy filet made it irresistibly appealing. I was so happy that he shared some with me and I loved every bite. We shared the birthday ice cream sundae, full of chocolate and caramel syrup plus a ton of whipped cream. A great evening. Open Tue, thru Sat. 4:30-10PM & Sun.4-9PM for patio dining and curb-side pickup.

Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill


39604 10th St. West Palmdale

Picking up dinner at Chronic, proved to be the perfect solution to our burrito craving. We walked in, checked out the menu board of great offerings—tacos, tostada bowls, salad, quesadillas, nachos, fries, tots, chips, salsa & guacamole and the like. We were on a mission to have burritos, but once there I opted for a tostada bowl—similar to a taco salad filled with shrimp, pico de gallo, lettuce and cheese tucked neatly inside a crunchy tortilla shell. Once you decide what you want, you choose your meat (steak, beyond beef, mahi mahi, shrimp, chicken, carnitas, al pastor or vegetarian) then you go down the line adding whatever ingredients you would like. Arissa chose a wet chicken burrito with everything on it—this bad boy was loaded with refried beans, Spanish rice, cheddar and jack cheese blend, diced onions, cilantro, red sauce and pico de gallo all wrapped up in a humungous flour tortilla smothered with rich, warm red sauce and more cheese. All-day breakfast includes eggs, tots and choice of bacon or chorizo—make it into a taco, burrito or bowl-rito. Can’t wait to try that next week. Open daily 9:30AM-8:30PM for take-out and patio dining.

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