Fun food that needs a napkin or fingers for licking, party food, sports fan food, ice cold beer and fun eats from a strong brand — we Americans love all of the above and that makes a stop at Wing Stop a good idea. You can go in, call ahead or go online.

We were not having a party that night, so we decided to go in for food and fun — and not for fast food, either. Every order is made fresh and nothing is sitting under a heat lamp.

Monday night was a great night to have wings and beer, so we chose Wing Stop, as they not only have beer at three of their four locations, but they also have a wing special on Mondays and Tuesdays, (60-cent boneless wings).

The inside is interesting. The walls are made from corrugated steel, for a combination of an industrial-nostalgia look. There’s sports memorabilia on the walls, with music playing. We walked to the counter to place our order from the huge board where everything is listed.

I choose 20 boneless wings  off the “wings by the piece” menu, which consists of classic and boneless, for $16.29, but since it was Monday, they were only $12 (with different flavors from a list of 11). If you have a party, you can order 100 pieces with up to six flavors for $77.99.

The flavors we ordered were: Original hot, Hawaiian and hickory smoked BBQ. The other eight flavors were: Atomic, mango habanero, Cajun, mild, lemon pepper, garlic parmesan and spicy Korean Q. Oh yes, one more, the Louisiana Rub, which was a hit, by the way. In other words, there is a wing for everyone's taste buds.

Of course, you need to have a couple of sides to go with all these wings, so we decided on the fresh cut seasoned fries for $3.79 (Idaho potatoes cooked to order and topped with your choice of Cajun, lemon pepper, Parmesan or Wing Stop’s famous fry seasoning, which was the seasoning we picked — and they were good. 

Plus, we chose something very unique on the menu — a 10-piece Cajun fried corn (1-inch thick slices of corn on the cob, fried in an amazing Cajun spice). 

After seeing the picture of the rolls on the wall, we definitely had to try them, so we ordered the six-pack. They were fresh baked yeast rolls with melted butter on the top and let me tell you, they were just as delicious the next day, after a few seconds in the microwave. 

Last was the seven-piece crispy tenders by the piece for $9.89 with two dips (honey mustard, Bleu Cheese or ranch) of which we chose Bleu Cheese and honey mustard. The dips are not only great for the tenders, but work well with the wings and fries. The Bleu Cheese, my personal favorite, was smooth and cool, with a slight tart kick at the end and the honey mustard was sweet and creamy. They were very delicious, especially mixed with all the assorted flavors we now had on our table.

Since it was dinner time, we ordered two bottles of Modelo Especial. It was the first time trying this beer. Modelo is one of Mexico's signature great beers, characterized by an orange blossom honey aroma with a hint of herb. The rich, full-flavored Pilsner-style lager delivered a crisp, refreshing taste.

The hickory smoked BBQ wings were my favorite. They were very bold with a little kick and delicious. Once dipped in the Bleu Cheese dipping sauce, it balanced the kick. The Hawaiian wings were sweet and tangy, as if you are ready to go to a luau.  My companion ate the traditional hot wings and because I’m not a fan of really hot or spicy food, I let him review that flavor. He thoroughly enjoyed it and said they had a nice bite, but didn’t blast you into the next county. He used the honey mustard dipping sauce to balance the hot flavor.

Our French fries were over-the-top delicious and with the large size, there was enough for two or more people to enjoy them. Having the Wing Stop special fry seasoning made them so delicious, that I ate mine without any condiments and enjoyed them so much it was really hard to share.

Even though Wing Stop has wings, the crispy tenders sparked my interest. I’m all for chicken tenders, as they are usually quite delicious wherever you go and these were no different. They were jumbo-sized, moist and deliciously battered pieces of chicken.

I’m not sure how to best describe the Cajun fried corn other than, have you see the picture above. They take a cob of corn and slice it in little cobettes, dip them in a Cajun rub and fry them. It’s a different way of enjoying corn on the cob. They were not only absolutely to die for, but fun to eat. I’m craving them as I write this review. 

I saved the best for last. Oh, those rolls, my goodness, what a treat. They were warm, fresh out of the oven, with a delicious dollop of butter dripping off the top. They were absolutely amazingly fabulous. This was indeed a great night to go to Wing Stop.

We have Wing Stop locations, two in Palmdale and two in Lancaster: East Palmdale at 25th Street East and Avenue S in the Stater Brothers Center, 661 266-9464; West Palmdale at 10th Street West and Avenue O-8 in the Walmart Center, 661 267-9999; East Lancaster at 20th Street East and Avenue J, 661 949-7600; and West Lancaster at Avenue J and 25th Street West in the Food-4-Less Center, 661-940-9464. All four locations are open everyday from 11 a.m. to midnight. Skip the wait, order online at

Bon appetit!

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