There are times when variety really is the spice of life, and Patty's Cafe on Sierra Highway makes a good argument for that. What Patty's Cafe offers really is a lot of variety. I mean, think about it. You like the idea of a Mexican breakfast, so you want Huevos Rancheros, that great mash-up of eggs, rice, beans, salsa and corn tortillas. Gets you going, doesn't it? Yet, instead you might want a waffle, layered deep in strawberries and whipped cream. That too, will get the taste buds flying in formation. Or crepes, or pancakes. Plus, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, like they make them in Philly, and really good burgers.

Fly back to the Mexican menu for a minute, and get your mouth watering at the prospect of steak picado, beef fajitas and homemade tamales. Homemade! Did I say variety? Not only that, Patty’s Café offers Taco Wednesday—street tacos for $1.50 each; now, that’s a great deal.

All these dishes taste great. If you haven't been there, you are going to have a great choice of taste-tinglers coming at you, and you are also going to find a warm and friendly atmosphere. Patty's Cafe brings back the regulars. You can tell, when they start naming local entrees after them—the Stanley waffle to be exact! Another great deal is the 10% discount offered to seniors, police, fire and military.

 Patty's Cafe is bright and cheery with a very country, homey feeling to it, with cow art all around—on the walls, the counters, the tables, even the logo has a cow. I was meeting my friend Anne for lunch and when she asked for directions, I knew she had never been there before. This was going to be a real treat as I just love to introduce delicious food to a new customer, which is exactly what I did.

We were seated right away in a comfortable booth and asked for our drink order. Since their Valley Press ad mentions a great cup of coffee, I decided to order just that for $2.50. There were vanilla and hazelnut creamers on the table, so I had a very delicious cup! Or, if you don't go for the flavored creamers, just enjoy the coffee, it’s yummy.

We started our lunch with breakfast— traditional bacon and eggs, $10.95. Sometimes even I like to stick to the basics. Two eggs, four strips of bacon, choice of hash browns or home fries and choice of toast or biscuits & gravy. My eggs were prepared over medium just the way I like them and were perfect. The bacon I ordered crisp came just that way as well as the very tasty hash browns.

 I added the Stanley waffle for $6.25 which was named after a long-time customer who enjoyed it weekly. That's what I'm saying. If Stanley comes back every week, he knows something. It arrived as fluffy as can be with a ton of strawberries, whipped cream and syrup. Only one word to describe this and that is Mmm .... Good!

We then ordered another breakfast, mushroom cheeseburger, salad, roast beef melt and dessert! We were definitely going to leave with full stomachs! Huevos rancheros, $8.95 is one of their most popular dishes. Two eggs in their own special sauce served over a corn tortilla with freshly made beans and rice. I certainly can understand why it’s one their most popular dishes. The sauce had the most amazing flavor and the beans which are prepared fresh daily were really good. You have to get the frijoles (refried beans) right, and you have to get the sauce right, and they did both.  The rice which again is prepared fresh daily was fluffy and flavorful.

The mushroom cheeseburger and fries for $9.95 was delivered to our table next, beautifully presented with a mound of mushrooms, tomatoes and lettuce. All those flavors mixed together created an incredibly fabulous burger! The fries were absolutely, positively some of the best fries I have ever had with great texture, great flavor and enough for an army.

I’m a big fan of “melts” and when the roast beef melt arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in—tender, juicy thin sliced roast beef, perfectly grilled onions and Jack cheese served on grilled sourdough bread. Oh my, what a treat each bite was sheer deliciousness and the potato salad tasted homemade just like mom used to make—creamy and delicious. 

There is a nice variety of salads on the menu from Chef, Cobb and Taco to Southwest Chicken or the one we chose—Tuna salad for $10.95. Two scoops of tuna on a bed of lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with Thousand Island dressing. Classic tuna—fresh, light, cool, flavorful and delicious and the vegetables were crisp, cold and fresh.

For dessert, we ordered peach cobbler a la mode for $5.25 which brought a sweet finish to our meal—freshly baked, creamy and delicious.

This was a very enjoyable lunch—our waitress served a bright smile to our table and the food was delicious. We will definitely be back to try some of the other menu items. They all look so good.

Patty's Cafe is at 43943 Sierra Highway, just south of Avenue J-8 in Lancaster. They are open daily from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Telephone is 661-729-4133. You can enjoy all this delicious food and dinner, too by stopping by their second location in Rosamond at 2997 Desert St., (661)206-4395. Bon Appetit!

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