There is a new addition to the eateries on The BLVD in downtown Lancaster. I had the privilege of trying the new Lucky Luke Brew Pub last week for dinner with my dear friend Joy and my companion. 

This is the second location, with the first one in Palmdale known as Lucky Luke Brewing. The first offers weekly events, food trucks, parties and is a taproom, while the new location offers a restaurant with a taproom. The pub offers a complete fast-casual menu for lunch and dinner, including pub fare favorites such as gourmet burgers, sammies, chicken wings and stout caramelized onion dip (more about this little bit of heaven later). 

Other options consist of fresh house-made pretzels served with pimento beer cheese and bourbon brown sugar mustard, totchos (tater tots, pimento beer cheese, bacon bits, jalapeños and scallions), pan-roasted Brussels sprouts tossed with crispy smoked pork belly and maple butter, topped with spicy sweet pecans; veggie tostada (three crispy corn tortillas, layered with sweet potato puree, black beans, veggie chorizo, pickled onion, avocado cashew crema and pickled jalapeño), definitely not your average tostada.

Lucky Luke has an interesting take on burgers and sammies, with quite a nice variety: Nashville crispy fried hot cauliflower on a soft brioche bun, pub house burger (house-made pimento beer cheese, bacon and pickled jalapeños on a toasted brioche bun), Cali classic (American cheese, Millwright glazed onions, special sauce, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce on a toasted brioche bun), grilled chicken sammy with house-made pesto and provolone served on a toasted ciabatta, smoked pork belly sammy with tomato, mayo, romesco and arugula on toasted ciabatta and for something really different, you might want to try the fancy pants burger (Oatmeal Stout infused date jam, blue cheese frico and arugula on a toasted brioche bun). 

Lucky Luke Brew Pub serves a variety of traditional and non-traditional options. On the evening that we were there, they were pouring: The Scrivener - American Blonde, Lucky Luke IPA, Billie - Cantaloup Gose, Pelona Cherry Wheat, Chief Motueka - Brut IPA, Have You Ever - Hazy IPA, Lovely Creature - Hazy IPA, Day of Dank – IPA, Town Crier - British Pale Ale, Pitman - Amber, Millwright - Oatmeal Stout and Deadman Creek – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. You can turn any beer into a michelada for a slight upcharge, which is exactly what my companion did and it was not only refreshing and light, but quite delicious, as well. For the daring drinker, you can add a scoop of ice cream for beer a la mode. If you are looking for wine, they serve chardonnay and purple haze zinfandel red blend from Golden Star Winery and cider from Brown’s cider on tap and in cans.

Lucky Luke Brew Pub features warm wood tones, hand-made handles crafted from old tools and a bar top adorned with all “heads up” pennies. The custom light fixtures are made from kegs and they have  cute, handmade napkin holders on the tables. There is inside and outside patio seating. You order at the counter, sit down and the food is brought to you.

We chose a small order of 10 wings, stout caramelized onion dip, veggie tostadas, grilled chicken sammy, pub house burger and crispy fried hot cauliflower sammy.

The onion dip arrived at the table hot and bubbly with a basket of tortilla chips. As my dining partners started dipping, I chose to scoop out a nice heaping pile that I dug in with my spoon— no chips needed for this ooey-gooey plate of heaven. It was a step above and the best I ever tasted — smooth and creamy. 

The cauliflower sandwich proves Nashville knows a thing or two about spice, as even though it was extremely spicy, it was so delicious it made me keep eating each and every morsel. 

The veggie tostadas were so flavorful and not with the usual veggies one would expect to eat in a veggie tostada. The sweet potato puree set it one notch above with the flavor of chorizo and avocado cashew crema rounding it out. 

The wings are served naked and fried to perfection with your choice of house-made dipping sauce: Honey chili garlic, sweet coconut curry, jalapeño jam, ancho chile, Corvo coffee BBQ and the one we chose, bourbon brown sugar mustard. The sweet and savory sauce was excellent and the wings were meaty, juicy and tender. But really, they were prepared so perfectly, who needs sauce?

 I have to say, the house-made pimento cheese was incredible and mixed well with the burger and the bacon. Come on, everyone knows its better with bacon and this burger proved just that. Each bite was so delicious with a giant flavor and was very hard to share. I would have to say what really made the chicken sammy fabulous and set it apart from anything traditional, would have to be the roasted red peppers and the house pesto — one giant burst of flavor in each and every bite.  

Lucky Luke Brew Pub offers gluten-free, kids’ menu and vegan options. You can enjoy any one of these delicious entrees on your next visit to Lucky Luke Brew Pub at 735 W. Lancaster Blvd., 661-522-3775 or check out the complete menu online at

 Bon appetit!

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