One of the great things about living here in the Antelope Valley is the dining experiences. We have an abundance of assorted ethnic eateries and Mexican food is no exception. The Antelope Valley has choices from small taco stands to big beautiful restaurants with food from all the different regions’ Chiles in Lake Los Angeles falls into the region of Guadalajara in Western Mexico.

I dropped in for lunch last week with my friend Jackie and granddaughter Arissa. I couldn’t wait for them to try the food—I have been many times before and it has always been delicious. As we sat down, we started the menu journey of some amazing food and drink…fountain drinks, fresh brewed iced tea as well as the famous traditional drinks of Mexico: Horchata (refreshing and cinnamon-y), Jamaica (chilled hibiscus) and Tamarindo (sweet, made from the tamarind bean). Wine, Micheladas, domestic and imported beer plus champagne for the Sunday brunch buffet.

Plenty of appetizers don the menu— plus Potato Skins, Hot Wings, Nachos (everyone’s favorite), Flautas, Chicken Fingers, Chili Cheese Fries and Chile con Queso (melted cheese with Ortega chiles and onions served with chips for dipping). I ordered the Flautas for all three of us to share—tasty “little tacos” which were actually quite filling. Flour tortillas stuffed with deliciously seasoned meat, rolled and deep fried. It was a pretty presentation served with an ample amount of sour cream and freshly made guacamole.

The seafood at Los Chiles is abundant with wonderful dishes like Camarones al mojo de ajo (shrimp sautéed in garlic on a bed of rice, Camarones Los Chiles (shrimp wrapped in bacon on a bed office), Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Soup, 7 Mares (soup of the seven seas) and Camarones Rancheros, which is what I ordered—Seven large shrimp sautéed with veggies, covered in a very yummy and rich ranchero sauce. The plate arrives steaming hot with Spanish rice and refried beans—beautifully presented, absolutely melt-in-your-mouth fabulous and I highly recommend it!

Arissa ordered the Taco and Chile Relleno combination — two of my personal favorites. Both are very popular and if these two are mastered well, then you know just about everything else is going to be yummy! So, we will start off with the taco— you guessed it, it was muy Bueno! The crispy corn tortilla shell contains very delicious seasoned shredded beef cook to perfection, lettuce and a ton of shredded jack cheese on top! This was definitely one of my favorite tacos.  The roasted poblano chili stuffed with loads of cheese, battered with an airy egg coating and fried to a golden brown made for an excellent flavor!

Jackie ordered a salad—not one of the eight or nine salads off the menu, which include the Tostadas with every meat imaginable. No, she ordered the Beef Fajita Salad—a very large, beautiful food creation with delicious seasoned steak & chicken, peppers and onions all grilled together over a bed of lettuce, avocado slices, cheese and tomatoes. This salad is original, different and special. The flavor of the meat was outstanding—and the beans were awesome.

The breakfast portion which is served all day includes items like Huevos Rancheros, Avocado Omelet, Machaca, Chorizo & Eggs, Ham & Eggs, Steak& Eggs and Breakfast Burritos.  I chose to try the avocado omelet which had guacamole inside and a myriad of avocado slices on the outside. Fresh, tasty and very healthy and enjoyed by all three of us—they made me share!

As we read on, there were over 40 different combinations including a few specialties of which we ordered the Chile Verde plate—a comforting stew with melt-in-your-mouth tender chunks of pork in a savory green sauce made from smoky roasted green chili peppers and tangy tomatillos and if that description doesn’t have your mouth watering, it should, as this dish was simply amazing. Hard to put those two words together in a sentence but the simplicity of the ingredients combined with the tenderness of the seasoned pork was amazing.

 The menu went on with a few extras—Mojarra Frida (fried fish), Chicken Mole (chicken in a traditional Mexican sauce), Macho Burritos, Hamburgers, Fajitas and al la carte items. There is a child’s menu with choice of hamburger, chicken fingers or quesadillas served with French fries or taco, burrito, tamale or enchilada served with rice and beans.

You all know how important it is for me to end my meal on a sweet note and this day was no different. The choices were Deep-fried Ice Cream, Churros, Ice Cream, Flan or my choice which was Hot Apple Chimichanga (deep fried burrito). The plate arrived with this gigantic burrito, mounds of whipped cream and a gigantic scoop of ice cream. Almost too pretty too eat. Notice I used the word ALMOST! One bite and we were in Chimichanga heaven. Words cannot begin to explain this over the top fabulous dessert. A definite must, do not leave without trying this delectable dessert!

Los Chiles is open Monday thru Saturday 10AM-9PM and Sunday 8:30AM-9PM serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try the Sunday champagne all-you-can-eat brunch buffet filled with salads, fruits, assorted Mexican entrees, menudo, posole, desserts and so much more served 8:30AM-2PM; $11.89 for adults and $6.89 for kids.

You will find this little oasis in the desert on Avenue O at 170th Street East in Lake LA at 17051 East Ave O, (661) 264-2975. Bon Appetit!

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