The best steak to ever meet a grill — that’s what you get when you order any of the steak sandwiches at Jon Smith Subs. 

The choices are endless — from a savory Italian with grilled onions and peppers, sautéed in a rich marinara sauce with oregano, provolone and topped with parmesan, to a sweet flavored glazed teriyaki with grilled onions and mushrooms in their teriyaki honey glaze with sesame seeds and provolone. 

Then there is a wonderful smoked Cajun with grilled onions and jalapeño peppers, spicy Cajun seasoning, hickory sauce and provolone. Or you could always try the one that started it all —the steak and cheese with onions or the steak bomb — which is the one that made them famous — with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and provolone.  This is where the word “bomb” doesn’t only mean fabulous, but it’s actually ingredients added to the various sandwiches. 

The steak sandwich menu brought me there and the French fries kept me there. I was at the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony a few weeks ago and had a chance to look around, check out the menu and see the food come out of the kitchen. My mouth was watering as steak sandwiches are my all-time favorite sandwich, however, I had already had lunch and decided to go back another time.

Last weekend, my daughter, granddaughter, significant other and I went for lunch. Everything on the menu sounded so amazing, it was so hard to make a choice. The menu consisted of signature sirloin steak subs with onions, mushrooms, peppers and then some with bacon, BBQ bacon, glazed teriyaki, Italian-style and smoked Cajun. I can tell you right now, this list was definitely where my sandwich was coming from! I customized my steak and asked for grilled onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese, then added mayonnaise and tomato to finish my creation. 

Since steak sandwiches are one of my favorites, I am an excellent judge of taste and this one did not disappoint. The meat was boldly seasoned, juicy with perfectly grilled veggies and made exactly as I ordered it and that mixture created a great flavor. My roll was ever-so-soft and everything was so tender, I practically inhaled the sandwich. I was very happy that on this review, everyone ordered their own sandwich, as I really didn’t want to share even a small bite, even though they had to give me a bite of theirs. I had to have a bite of each, such a sacrifice I make to bring the readers delicious and new places to dine.

The chicken sub list is very similar to the steak with a few additional items like grilled chicken and maple bacon chicken (smokehouse maple rub with real maple syrup glaze, bacon and tomatoes), this sounds amazing and I will try it on my next visit. 

The grilled specialty subs included the gator (steak, chicken, kielbasa, onions and provolone in swamp sauce topped with bacon bits) no wonder it is under specialties. The Cuban (smoked Virginia ham, Moho pork, boiled ham with pickles, Swiss, mayo, yellow mustard served on Cuban bread); a Reuben on Cuban bread, giant cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, hot pastrami, meatball, grilled kielbasa and a hot veggie with provolone. 

The meatball bomb, which is what my significant other ordered, was absolutely delicious. The bomb ingredients really put the sandwich over the top and is definitely messy but worth every messy drop. A rich and flavorful marinara sauce enveloped the meatballs with the veggies and melted cheese, soaking into the soft roll. Every bite was an awesome experience. 

While I am on the subject of the grilled specialties, lets talk about the Cuban, which is what my daughter ordered. The bread is toasted and complements the thickness and flavor of the various meats inside. The pickles and melted cheese created such a wonderful flavor mixture that it is sure to please any taste buds — and that’s after only one bite — and a small bite at that.

The deli subs consist of a triple deli classic, specialty tuna, turkey breast, Italian cold cuts, roast beef, ham and cheese, BLT and lastly, veggies and provolone. My granddaughter ordered the specialty tuna salad (all-white albacore tuna made with mayo). The tuna was light and fresh with a very smooth whipped-like consistency that melted in your mouth and was all wrapped up in the softest roll ever. She added onions to give it an even tastier flavor. Other than the small bite that she gave me, she wolfed it down so quick and then said, “I want another — I just love the flavor.”

One thing that sets Jon Smith subs above, is their famous cooked-to-order French fries. Now I understand why they are called famous,  as they were amazing — fresh, hot, thin, crisp with just the perfect amount of salt. You can choose a garden salad or a chef salad if you prefer and they do have chips available as well as fresh baked cookies.

There’s a sign on the napkins holder that says “Sandwiches so juicy you’ll need a shower not a napkin, but for now here’s a napkin.” That is a true statement as at our table, there were four people licking their fingers to catch every single drop that might’ve escaped our sandwiches.

Jon Smith Subs offers dine-in, take-out and catering and is located at 38029 47th Street East, Suite C. For more information call 661-350-5807 or visit

Bon appetit!

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I am really enjoying these HOTSPOT articles. I had an opportunity to pick up sandwiches at Jon Smith subs yesterday after reading the article. They were delicious! It is great to find out about places in the AV.

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