Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack, I don’t care if I never get back… So, it’s root, root, root for the JetHawks if they don’t win it’s a shame—but wait, they did win the score was 9-8—Go JETHAWKS. Okay enough about the game, let’s talk about the food and drink.

My companion and I went to the game last Sunday, purchasing two SoCal Sunday $5 field box tickets from the daily deals—Monday-Bark & Brews, Tuesday-Community Heroes Night BOGO, Wednesday-Family Night, Thursday-Country, Friday-Copa de la Diversion, Saturday-Giveaways and Sundays-Military BOGO, Kids Run the Bases and SoCal social Night. Check out the website JETHAWKS.com to get all the info.

We were very hungry as the game started at 2:05pm, and we had only had a light breakfast. The Sunday games will start at 5:05 for the rest of the season, so now you can enjoy dinner. There are various concession stands in the concourse area and the majority have the same menu with the likes of hot dogs, nachos, Frito pie, pretzels, churros, peanuts, candy & ice cream plus Ballpark Specialties that include pizza, chicken Caesar salad, pulled pork sandwich and build your own tater tots plus beverages for the young and for the over 21. There are also a few beer concessions in various parts of the ballpark (Budweiser Tailgate Zone, Michelada Corner and Golden Road Patio).

We stumbled upon a concession stand at the end toward 1st base that had most of the above food fare plus a Fresh Off the Grill menu that consisted of mac N cheese burger, cheddar burger, turkey burger, chicken tenders & fries, spicy chicken sandwich and seasoned or chili cheese fries. We had so much to choose from, we really didn’t know where to begin—but I quickly made a decision. We went back to the 1st stand and ordered the kids meal, $7 (hot dog, chips & soda), tater tots with chili, sour cream & cheddar for $6.50, slice of pepperoni pizza, $6.50 and pulled pork sandwich for $9. After adding all the condiments needed, we walked to the Budweiser Tailgate Zone to eat before looking for our seats.

This first order was very delicious—my favorite being the sandwich. Pulled pork piled high on top of a seeded bun with BBQ sauce and coleslaw. Tender, slow-cooked, warm, seasoned shredded pork made even better thanks to a couple of added toppings—a simple slaw with a vinegar tang giving a crunchy bite to the succulent sandwich as well as an added drizzle of the very delicious and sweet BBQ sauce, then topped with mustard. Mmm mmm good; a crowd pleaser for sure. While I was devouring the sandwich my companion started in on the pizza slice. It’s definitely not your ordinary slice as it was as big as the plate with a thick tasty crust, plenty of cheese and pepperoni and a sauce that really tasted home-made. A yummy but messy choice!

Next were the tater tots, which I thought was an interesting item—you get your choice of three toppings from a list of twelve items. Good thing I grabbed a couple of spoons as it made it so much easier to eat. We took turns enjoying each and every bite till they were gone. We decided to take the kids meal with us to our seats and eat it in a little while. On our way to our seats we found the Golden Road Patio and decided to grab a beer and eat the rest of our meal right there on the high-top table that we moved into the shade. As my companion was enjoying the ice cold and refreshing beer, I polished off the hotdog! Now, even though we didn’t order the footlong, this yummy all beef famous Nathan’s hot dog was just the ticket. I’m a hot dog aficionado and have been for over 50 years and Nathan’s is one of my favorite brands. The small hotdog had a great big taste with me begging for more.

 It was now time to sit in our seats and watch the game—Lancaster Jethawks against the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. Since it was so hot, we decided  to go back to the concessions to get a cold bottle of water and another soda. As we were walking up the stairs, I noticed a kid sitting eating a hamburger and mentioned to my companion that I wanted to try one and a soft pretzel—as if we hadn’t eaten enough. But what is a ballgame without all the fun food, right? So, proceeding to the stand that had the fresh off the grill items, we ordered both the soft pretzel with salt, $4.25 and the cheddar burger with kettle chips for $8.50. My companion was full, so it was up to me to eat the burger which was no problem—I took the patty with the melted cheese right out of the bun and wrapped it in the lettuce added a little mayo and voila the perfect burger was born. Of course, it helped that the burger was fresh grilled with a little crispness on the outside and a very nice flavor inside. We took the pretzel back to our seats to eat a little later.

If you are looking for affordable family fun with delicious food then go Rock the Hawk at The Hangar. The JETHAWKS Stadium is conveniently located at 45116 Valley Central Way in Lancaster or call for more info (661) 726-5400. Bon Appetit!

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