With over 200 items from all over the world, it’s no wonder Hibachi Buffet was voted the AV’s best buffet over the years.

The chefs come from a variety of cultures, which means they can serve Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American specialties. There is a Mongolian barbecue and sushi bar, as well. I invited my good friend Greg, as he has never been there before, to see what keeps me going back.

As we entered the glass double doors, we were greeted by a very friendly hostess who seated us right away. The restaurant is very spacious with one of the most beautiful chandeliers I have ever seen. It sparkles and lights up everything. Hibachi Grill can seat up to 350 patrons with a private party room for all your celebrations. We were seated in a very nice, comfortable booth. Our drink order was taken (soda for Greg and hot tea for me) and then up to the buffet we went. We decided to walk around the entire buffet, so I could explain everything to Greg. He really wanted to get the lay of the land, so he would have an idea of where he wanted to start.

The buffet had so many choices: Pizza, French fries, onion rings, baked cheese and spinach casserole, roast beef, fried chicken wings, salt and pepper shrimp, seafood delight, coconut shrimp, peel-and-eat shrimp, crab legs, mussels, oysters, crawfish, sushi, sashimi, assorted tempura, Japanese baked chicken and of course, the traditional Chinese dishes: Beef and broccoli, orange chicken, BBQ spareribs, egg rolls, wonton soup, cream cheese wontons, sesame balls, fried rice, Korean short ribs and so much more.

 At the Mongolian barbecue, the chef prepares whatever you put on the plate from a multitude of items, including steaks, pork, chicken and shrimp. Plus, the vegetables are endless. 

The buffet also includes assorted fresh fruit (strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, grapes, mangos, pineapple, oranges and cherries) plus quite a few salads (cucumber, broccoli, crab, kim chi) and let’s not forget about all the delicious desserts (chocolate mousse cake, apple pie, French cake cups with custard, creme puffs, Jell-O, pudding, bananas with strawberry sauce). I cannot even begin to list everything, so let’s just say there is something for everyone’s palate. You will need to see for yourself.

I started with some of my favorite dishes: Coconut shrimp, BBQ spareribs, hibachi chicken, fried chicken wings and assorted sushi. 

The coconut shrimp was quite delicious with just the right amount of coconut-flavored sauce over very large, plump tempura-covered shrimp. 

The barbecue ribs were really very tasty with a delicious sweet sauce and very tender meat. 

The fried chicken wings had a very nice seasoning on them  and were fried to perfection with quite a lot of moist meat on the bone. 

Now, since I really love sushi, this was a special treat, as I was able to try a few pieces of a large assortment of rolls: Caterpillar roll with eel and avocado, California, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and salmon skin. I enjoyed each and every piece until they were gone. They were very delicious, indeed. The hibachi chicken had a delicious teriyaki sauce and the chicken was very moist and tender. 

My second trip up to the buffet was for another helping of the coconut shrimp (I can never get enough), another helping of the hibachi chicken and then on to the Mongolian barbecue for a steak.

By now, you are probably aware of how much I enjoyed the coconut shrimp and hibachi chicken, as I had two helpings of both and was wondering where I was going to put any more food, but I just had to try that steak, which had to be at least eight ounces. I added onions and mushrooms. 

The chef has quite a few different sauces to add, plus fresh minced garlic and chili pepper. I wanted it simple, so I asked for teriyaki only and for it to be cooked medium-rare. The steak proved to be quite delicious and cooked to perfection. It was a piece of tender, juicy meat that was good to the last bite.

Greg started at the Mongolian barbecue with shrimp, zucchini, broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms and pea pods. He likes his food hot in flavor, so he asked for the chili pepper. Both dishes looked amazing and tasted even better. 

He then tried some of the same scrumptious items he saw heaping over on my plate. He couldn’t believe the variety and quality of everything they had to offer — especially for the price. He loaded up on some assorted sushi rolls, fruit, salad and of course, dessert. 

We must have been thinking along the same lines because as everyone knows, I try to end my meal on a sweet note. 

I enjoyed a very delicious crème puff, (OK, maybe it was really two crème puffs). I also enjoyed the French cake, which is a crispy wonton in the shape of a flower, filled with custard, which was absolutely fabulous, as well. Between the two of us, we had our fair share of sweets.

The low cost, high-quality food, beautiful ambiance and attentive staff make Hibachi Grill Buffet an enjoyable place to dine. 

The restaurant is open at 11 a.m., seven days a week. It’s located at 1215 West Rancho Vista Blvd (AV Mall restaurant row) in Palmdale, 661-273-8880. 

Bon appetit!

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