I’ve been to quite a few mom and pop restaurants but I just recently visited a mom and son restaurant. Debrah started out selling her fabulous baked goods at various events from LA to the AV and back again.  Everyone has come to love her beautifully decorated three-tiered cakes, delicious pound cakes in chocolate, lemon and sour cream, cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes and incredible peach cobbler—more about that later!

She found a small space inside Sol Plaza to open as a temporary café while the restaurant is being built at the front of the plaza. Tuesday thru Sunday you can purchase any one of her amazing desserts and Thursday thru Sunday you can enjoy true southern home cooking at its finest. There is a set menu with three entrees that you can either take to-go or enjoy it right there on one of her few little round wooden bistro style tables eating out of take-out boxes and plastic ware. Once there, you really won’t mind dining this way as the wonderful aroma will stop you in your tracks as it did a couple of weeks ago when my companion and I were walking around the plaza. Just as we were walking up the last aisle, we were greeted by a tantalizing aroma that led us to this little café. 

The food specials were posted outside the door and since it was just about dinner time, we decided to try it out. This turned out to be a great find—we enjoyed lasagna with salad and garlic bread, crawfish etoufee, fried fish with baked beans and potato salad, lemon pound cake and peach cobbler.

Debrah’s son Tristan is the server and very knowledgeable on everything they have to offer all the while giving us not only great service with a smile but catering to our every need. Fresh, fresh, fresh is the motto at French Royalty Bakery & Café where everything and I mean everything is made in-house.

The fish was coated in a well-seasoned coating, the potato salad was off the charts and the beans were sweet and savory. The large piece of lasagna was layered with cheese, spinach, plenty of other ingredients and had plenty of flavor with the salad being quite delicious. Now, the etoufee was simply amazing—thick seasoned Cajun stew full of delicious plump crawfish and served over Creole boiled rice.  A classic Louisiana dish with a slight kick at the end! If you ever have a craving for true southern peach cobbler, then you are at the right place--just the right amount of sweetness with the most wonderful combination of peaches and cinnamon; excellent from the very first bite. If you love lemon, you've got to try the lemon pound cake, it was bursting with tangy lemon flavor then drizzled with tart lemon glaze, and so moist. We were over-joyed at finding this little gem of a café that we couldn’t wait to go back the following week and this time we brought another person to enjoy the incredible food.

This time the entrees were baked chicken with collard greens, mac n cheese, yams and corn bread; meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans and lastly fried spaghetti. Again, we ordered all three plus the sour cream pound cake. Each one of these entrees were prepared differently than anything I have ever tasted before. Let’s start with the chicken—a very yummy seasoned leg and thigh that was ever so moist and full of flavor. The yams were so moist with a very pleasing sweet taste that we guessed was honey and the mac n cheese was the best ever—seasoned just right with the perfect consistency and just the right amount of cheese.  This was one of those times when I really wasn’t happy to share—I wanted it all to myself, only when I went back for more the container was empty! I have never had collard greens before and low and behold I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was sweet, mild, salty and earthy with notes of spinach and the best part was the added meat. This is a great place to get your daily veggie intake because not only are they served with every meal but they are delicious as well—

so good in fact, you will wipe your plate clean like we did! The cornbread was made to get the most out of every bite as we most certainly did--sweet, moist and delicious.

The next entree proved to be just as fabulous--the container was filled with a large slab of meatloaf, reminding us of M&M’s—melts in your mouth and bursting with flavor. I asked for gravy before I tried the first bite and then decided I would use it for the potatoes as the meatloaf did not need anything added, not even salt for me, the salt-aholic! The green beans were the favorite of the night, they were the most flavorful green beans we had ever had making us want more! The fried spaghetti wasn't your usual spaghetti, it was tangy and spicy with bits of sautéed onion and a slight kick at the end. We ended our dinner with sour cream pound cake. Nothing beats the rich buttery flavor of this old fashioned cake. It was cool, refreshing, rich, moist and delicious. Everything we ate was fresh and fabulous. French Royalty Bakery & Cafe is located on the far east wall inside Sol Plaza at 1140 Commerce Center Way. Call for weekly food menu or to order a specialty dessert, (661) 726-0371. Bon appetit!

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