I never knew I would be able to create my own delicious masterpiece in just four easy steps! However, that is exactly what I did at the new Bubbakoo’s Burritos at 20th street west & Ave J in Lancaster. Three of us met for lunch last week and had so much fun creating different masterpieces from my companion’s Chiwawa to Sunil’s Burrito to my Burrito Bowl and of course, a few extra items we threw in—loaded Tater Tots and a Taco plate. The concept is simple but the end result is not only a complex beauty but a delicious one to boot.

Step 1, pick your style—Step 2, add a protein—Step 3, add flavor and lastly Step 4, fill it. Seems simple enough, right?  Well, that is just the beginning of creating your masterpiece. There are a myriad of choices from the Style—burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, quesadilla, nachos, taco salad and the chiwawa to the Protein—Classic (grilled chicken, ground beef, carnitas, shredded chicken, crispy fried chicken, vegan boco burger, vegetarian and beans & cheese), Favorite (crispy buffalo chicken, sriracha pork, mango habanero crispy chicken, general Tso’s chicken, sweet baby Ray’s BBQ pork, sweet chili crispy chicken, ghost pepper shredded chicken), Premium (hibachi steak, buffalo shrimp, sweet chili shrimp) and Supreme (hibachi steak + shrimp, double hibachi steak, double shrimp) and then the flavor starts at ghost pepper all the way down the chart to southern style BBQ with six other flavors in the middle—mango habanero, sriracha, sriracha ranch, buffalo, sweet chili and general Tso’s.

 The price is reflected in your protein choice—classic & favorite $9.50, Premium $10.50 and Supreme $12.00 plus for a slight upcharge you can add guacamole, bacon, queso dip, mango salsa or fajita style.

As you go down the line picking out your choices, you start with white or brown rice and black or pinto beans—then the fun begins. I created both mine and my companion’s entrees while he patiently waited with his mouth watering wondering what I would bring to the table! We had already had the pleasure of dining the previous week, so he was quite excited.

 I started out with the Chiwawa which is a lightly fried panko crusted cheesy rice ball covered in nacho cheese—and let me tell you this little baby was the size of a softball, and yes, you heard right—a softball! It is cut in two, with a deliciously creamy and might I add very tasty nacho sauce and then I added grilled chicken, pico de gallo, sweet chili sauce and cilantro. I was really surprised when he gave me a funny look as I dove in with my fork to taste it and an even funnier look when I came back for more. The flavor was incredible leaving me wanting more as he quickly moved it closer to him. This can be used as an appetizer to share with multiple people and then enjoy another entrée all to yourself. Luckily for him I added a few other items, so he was finally okay with letting me have a little more.

My next creation was a burrito bowl filled with white rice, grilled shrimp, sweet chili sauce, mango salsa & pico de gallo—you will start to notice a pattern of pico de gallo and sweet chili as this particular combination is absolutely fabulous and when the mango salsa enters, its off the charts. Never, have I ever put these flavors together and now I’m wondering why I never thought of it before. The shrimp was big and succulent just the way I like it, but if you order this, please go bold and add the bacon as I did the last time I dined there. Bacon and shrimp create the most delicious taste and texture and I promise you; your taste buds will be happy! In fact, on my next visit I’m going to try the quesadilla with just shrimp, bacon, cheese, sweet chili and pico—that sounds amazing.

 Most of you already know that I have a love for tacos, actually any taco. I recently judged the tacos at the taco festival so I do know a thing or two about tacos. I ordered the taco plate which includes three tacos of your choice with chips and salsa. Crispy shell taco with ground beef is my all -time favorite, so I chose two like that and one soft shell with carnitas. I kept them rather simple with just lettuce, cilantro & shredded cheese so I could really taste the meat and shell. These didn’t disappoint, the shell was perfectly crisp and the meat had a really nice, savory flavor; I added a little pico after I devoured the first one just to jazz it up.  The pico is fresh and zingy and is packed with flavor and lucky for me, everyone was full and I was able to enjoy the second one all to myself. I gave the soft taco to Sunil who said the flavor was good but since I also had a small bite, I have to say it was delicious—men usually use the word good for everything!

The most surprising item had to be the Tater Tots with nacho cheese and pico—oh yeah, definitely yummy at its yummiest. We had never had anything like this before and it was even better than we could have ever imagined. A must try! And, please be sure to order the Love Chips—a sweet explosion of flavor.

Bubbakoos offers lunch, dinner, student meals, kid’s meals, delivery, online ordering, catering with build your own taco party, full and half trays, dessert, fountain and bottled soda and beer & wine coming soon. Open daily 11AM-9PM. order online or call for more info, (661) 723-1200. Bon Appetit!

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