Red Salmon

2010 W. Ave. J-8 at 20th St. W

 Lancaster, (661)945-6565

Last week I decided to enjoy a little sushi at the AV’s Best Japanese restaurant voted by our readers for 2020.  I ordered a Rainbow roll, ono roll, yellowtail sushi, spicy tuna handroll and lastly, a lemon salmon roll. My Ono roll consisted of spicy shrimp, crab and cucumber inside with seared ono outside. I added eel sauce to make it even tastier— thick, sweet, hickory flavor drizzled over the top; one of the most popular sushi sauces.  My rainbow roll proved to be just as beautiful with the bright colors as it was delicious to eat—tuna, yellowtail, whitefish, salmon and shrimp.  Its marbled layering of assorted fresh fish made this roll perfectly divine.  WOW, so cool and refreshing was my first thought after tasting the next roll—salmon, crab, cucumber, avocado and cilantro inside with more salmon and thin slices of lemon outside. Great combination of lemon and cilantro combined with the saltiness of the salmon and crab—voila’ a fabulous, over the top, magnificent roll is born! A very nice variety of appetizers, soup, salad, sushi, sashimi, dinner box, noodles, bowls, fresh and cooked rolls and Japanese entrees are available as well as imported Japanese Beer, Saki and Soju cocktails available for take-out and delivery thru Postmates daily 11am-10pm.

Monster Donuts

(661) 466-6011

2070 W. Ave J


Knowing that they just won AV’s Best Donuts, I thought I would give them a try. Being that I am a classic glazed kind of girl I thought it would be interesting to compare to cake donuts. I started with a dozen and all you need to know was the first two were for my cake vs classic glazed experiment and the last ten were for pure enjoyment—so much so, that I can’t wait to go back for more!  Wonderfully sweet flavors, I mean, who ever heard of a S’more ‘s, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Reese’s Peanut Butter or even a Rocky Road donut! I couldn’t wait to try these amazing, specialty hand-crafted with love pieces of art. I started with the lemon iced over lemon cake, then proceeded to the strawberry with strawberry cream cheese icing, and when I first sunk my teeth in, it was pure heaven—rich, moist, tender. These are just the tip of the donut—there are so many variations plus minis and even gourmet coffee and a new root beer—Bundaberg non-alcoholic craft brewed. Check them out for yourself, your taste buds will thank you. Open 7 days a week 8AM-8PM for take-out, & curbside. Check out their Instagram and Facebook@themonsterdonuts for updates, promos and new release info.

 Lee Esther's Creole and Cajun Cooking

(661) 266-0000

 830 E. Ave Q-6


Southern cooking at its finest; is all I have to say! Lee Esther’s is a quaint little restaurant nestled in the middle of Palmdale with absolutely the best tasting soul food and a southern twist. Favorites like gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee & po ‘boys plus boudin balls; mac and cheese balls; fried and/or blackened catfish/red snapper/shrimp/oysters and shrimp; daily specials, lunch specials and so much more. I started with the Thursday special—shrimp & grits and much to my surprise, while placing my online order, I found a “secret” menu complete with grilled or blackened salmon, pork chops, adult grilled cheese, blackened catfish coubion, creole crawfish plus Cajun, garlic and jambalaya fries. I added the adult grilled cheese to my order and I’m glad I did. It was filled with succulent shrimp sautéed in Cajun sofrito sauce with tasso melted between 2 pieces of butter smothered toast—absolutely fabulous. My juicy sautéed shrimp & cheesy grits turned out to be another amazing dish—slightly spicy, rich and savory. My next visit will be to try the Friday special—shrimp gumbo or Wednesday for the chicken & waffles. Put your sweet tooth on alert for the homemade peach cobbler, banana pudding or bread pudding. Open Tues.- Sat. 12-7PM for take-out and delivery (check for holiday schedule).


44433 Valley Central Way Lancaster, (661) 940-9464

1838 E. Ave J Lancaster (661) 949-7600

40008 10th St. W Palmdale (661) 267-9999

2551 E. Ave S Palmdale (661) 266-9464

750A N. China Lake Bl. Ridgecrest (760) 371-9464

10 N. Wolfe Ave. Edwards AFB (661) 258-4200

 With over 20 years of flavor, they are taking wings to another level, saucing and tossing the freshest flavors you crave along the way. This statement epitomizes our recent experience; incredible flavor from the wings to the fries to the Cajun fried corn on the cob and everything in between. We ordered wings in two flavors, tenders, fries, corn and rolls.  Hickory smoked were my favorite—very bold with a little kick, and delicious, once dipped in the Bleu Cheese dipping sauce, it balanced out the kick. Cool. The Hawaiian were sweet & tangy as if I was ready for a luau!  Crispy Tenders had sparked my interest—jumbo-sized, moist, deliciously battered and once again, great flavor. 
Our fries, tossed in the signature seasoning were over the top delicious and served hot ‘n fresh, just the way I like them. Little corn cobettes, fried and dipped in a Cajun rub— absolutely incredible.  Lastly—warm, fresh out of the oven rolls, topped with melted butter— amazingly fabulous. Open daily 11AM-midnight for take out and delivery. Satisfy your wing craving faster…order online.

El Toreo

4061 West Ave. L

Quartz Hill, 722-9309

44205 10th St. West

Lancaster, 948-2240

3025 East Ave. S

Palmdale, 266-8496

38801 10th St. West

Palmdale, 273-4050

All the recipes are authentic Mexican food, mastered over 40 years ago and have never changed. We picked up chips, salsa, guacamole, soup, salad, shredded beef taco, chile Colorado and a margarita! I asked for the very mild salsa as I just love the flavor especially when scooped up with a nice freshly made chip. We started with the soup—wonderful, flavorful broth, excellent seasoned meatballs, plenty of tender carrots, onions and celery that melted in your mouth, just beyond belief. The guacamole was fresh, delicious and velvety smooth—excellent not only for the chips but on my taco as well. Interestingly enough, whatever you order, if cheese or lettuce is included, you get a generous amount of both. That being said, my taco and salad were exploding with both cheese and lettuce! I like to use the extra cheese and lettuce to scoop onto my chips—a very yummy treat! My favorite of the day had to be the chile colorado—amazingly tender chunks of beef in a wonderful, flavorful, savory red sauce served with warm flour tortillas, fluffy Spanish rice and mellow refried beans. As for the margarita—cold, refreshing and delicious. Open daily 11AM-8PM for take-out.


(661) 948-0522

 2011 W. Ave K


Last week, while craving Thai food, I called in an order— Mee Grob, my all-time favorite appetizer. Thin sweet crispy noodles with shrimp, chicken, onions & and bean sprouts and I always ask for extra bean sprouts as I like the cool crunchy taste with the sweetness of the noodles. The yummy sweetness of this dish makes for a great dessert, however tonight it will be my dinner. Yellow Thai Curry which is the ultimate pleaser for the taste buds. Chicken and gold potatoes, smothered in yellow curry paste with onions, carrots, and a touch of coconut milk and served with steamed rice. This dish had the most amazing aroma with a sweetness that was such a delight to my palate and one of my favorite Thai dishes, absolutely fabulous. In my book, no meal is complete without a yummy dessert and the mango sticky rice was our choice—perfectly sweet and truly amazing. Bites of sweet, salty sticky rice drenched in slurry coconut cream sauce and fragrant slices of tender; ripe mango brought us to our knees! The menu boasts a wonderful selection of delectable appetizers and a myriad of authentic Thai entrees and seafood—shrimp 4 you, royal seafood, sole lemon, scallops 4 you, 3 wonder salmon; as a seafood lover who could resist? Open daily 11-9PM for take-out.

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