Asian #1

(661) 274-8983

38745 Tierra Subida Ave #125


Last week I picked up dinner for my companion and myself—it was a surprise of the Asian cuisine type! Chinese for him and sushi for me—a match made in heaven. There are a few different ways to order at this little eatery—off the menu; one, two and three item combinations or by the pound. They have quite a nice selection from traditional appetizers including the pupu platter filled with a nice assortment of goodies, soup, noodles, wings, traditional Chinese, sushi rolls—both fresh and cooked, flavored milk teas, smoothies and coffee.  mushroom chicken off the menu was for my companion—sautéed chicken strips, sliced zucchini and mushrooms in brown sauce. Tender meat, delicious sauteed veggies in a rich and savory gravy. I ordered the caterpillar roll and a spicy tuna tempura roll. Eel and cucumber on the inside topped with a large amount of avocado donned the first roll, drizzling some eel sauce over the top to give it that little extra yumminess. My second roll was full of spicy tuna wrapped in seaweed and deep fried covered with eel sauce and spicy mayo. This was such a delight—sweet, spicy, full bodied and fabulous! Open daily for take out and delivery 11AM-9PM. Order online

Danish Donuts

(661) 575-0607

38745 Tierra Subida Ave. #120



This little donut shop has not only traditional donuts and coffee but bagels and croissants both fruit filled and ham & cheese. The case was filled with raised, jelly filled, bars, buttermilk, old fashioned, French crullers, twists and cake plus cinnamon rolls, bear claws, apple fritters, blueberry and cherry clusters, maple cinnamon twists and if that wasn’t enough, I saw cream puffs, brownies, muffins and donut holes. There was even a small assortment of various chips and cold drinks such as milk, OJ, and soda. The coffee selections were plain, cappuccino, hot chocolate and iced cappuccino. I had just picked up our dinner and decided a few donuts would be the perfect dessert. I started with the sprinkled for him and the twist for me—then added a few more to share with my neighbors, so what started as a few ended up a dozen! I was happily surprised that they were still so fresh since it was already 5PM—I ate the twist on the way home just to be sure and of course, I just had to try one more—so now I knew for sure our dessert would be fresh and delicious. Open daily 4AM-7PM early enough for the commuters going to work and returning home!

CC Hawaiian BBQ

1006 E. Avenue J

Lancaster (661) 942-1999

4635 E. Avenue S #C-105

Palmdale (661) 526-7888

Where else will in the AV will you find a fusion of the essence of Hawaii, delicious flavor of Japan, authentic Chinese and all-American burgers and fries? Well, I can answer that—CC’s! So many items and so little room in my belly was the biggest problem last week. I had planned on katsu and short ribs, which are my favorite but I opted for sushi—gee, what a surprise. I chose the crazy lemon roll filled with spicy mixed crab, cucumber inside w/salmon, tuna and thinly sliced lemons on top—they had me at lemons. Crazy would be a good word to describe, but I think fabulous would be better. This was definitely not for the feint of heart—spicy entrance and exit with sweet and sour in the middle; one giant lip-smacking bite at a time. My other roll was the black dragon which wasn’t on the menu but when I mentioned I was looking for something with eel, that was the owner’s suggestion—absolutely incredible and two perfect rolls. Next time I will have some poke and really looking forward to the coconut shrimp. Combos, al a carte, family meals and platters are available. Open daily 11AM for take-out.

Natcheryl’s Café

Inside Whole Wheatery

(661) 945-0773

44264 10th St. W


It is amazing how refreshing, tasty, and downright delicious food can be when it is prepared naturally. The café serves a full lunch menu with hot and cold sandwiches, build your own wraps, soups, salads, dessert and even quiche. A couple of things to know is that even though it is natural, that doesn’t mean it is all vegetarian. You can certainly have that, but they also have chicken sandwiches, Asian chicken salad, tuna wrap, grilled chicken panini and turkey burgers. They have a peanut butter supreme sandwich, and it certainly is that. But, if you are of the veggie persuasion, they have cheese that is cheddar, Monterey, and, yes, vegan plus hummus and fresh fruit

I ordered my favorite; avocado with jack cheese sandwich served on brown bread with sprouts, tomatoes, mayo, baco bits and sunflower seeds plus I chose small green salad as my side—lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and topped with raspberry vinaigrette. The veggie mixture augmented with the raspberry flavor from the vinaigrette, was robust and the taste, um, superb. Just outside the café is a juice bar filled with smoothies, shakes, fresh juices, shots, nutritional boosts, acai bowls, teas and coffee drinks. Open daily 10:30AM-4PM for take-out and curbside pickup.

Boom Boom Chicken

(661) 273-1100

827 W. Palmdale Blvd


Simple but understated menu—chicken tenders, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches, popcorn chicken and pork or shrimp dumplings. Then, there are eight flavors—soy garlic, honey BBQ, lemon pepper, sweet chili, Louisiana rub, Buffalo, Cajun and original spicy. Once you decided on what chicken option and flavor, you pick your sides—onion rings, fries, coleslaw, corn salad, veggie sticks or rice. Very easy and so delicious. We ordered no heat chicken sandwich (no judging) with corn salad and a three-piece sweet chili tenders and fries. A giant thick piece of delicious golden fried breast sitting on top of a layer of creamy coleslaw and 2 pickles drizzled in house sauce nestled inside a toasted bun and the corn relish was full of flavor with red bell pepper and onions mixed together with a sweet milky sauce--refreshing, delightful, colorful and very appealing to the eye. The chicken tenders were big, thick, fresh, juicy strips of all white meat. The batter was light and crunchy with a sweet kick to the taste buds and a nice smooth finish. The fries were perfect; crisp and golden brown on the outside; soft and tasty on the inside, sprinkled with seasoning salt and quite delicious. Open Monday-Saturday 11AM-10PM for take-out.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill

39445 10th St. West

Palmdale (661) 225-9564

43530 10th St. West

Lancaster (661) 945-1546

The menu fuses coastal-inspired flavors with their Mexican heritage to creating award winning fish tacos and inventive burritos and bowls you feel good about eating, just like I did a couple of weeks ago. I was in a hurry and it was lunch time, so I stopped in to find something fast and delicious at the same time—shrimp quesadilla sounded excellent and I added the new langostino lobster everyone has been raving about. Toasted flour tortilla with a blend of melted cheeses and served with handmade guacamole, salsa fresca, sour cream and a side of tortilla chips. I had planned on eating in my car, but stopped on the patio to look inside and take a picture. Well, I’m sure you know what happened—took one little bite and before I could close the container, I had a second bite and then luckily for me, patio dining was still available so I basically finished it before ever walking to my car!  It was scrumptious—full of everything fresh and tasty, I only wish I would have had more time to try the chicken tortilla soup, as it looked fabulous. Open daily 10AM-9PM for with contact-free and worry-free pick up and FREE delivery options.

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