Miso Sushi

(661) 269-4050

3729 Sierra Hwy, Acton

(661) 940-6369

44230 10th St. W, Lancaster

One of my most favorite foods is sushi, so last week I got my sushi on—calling in my order of mango, avocado salad and a dragon roll. Miso has about 25 different salads on their menu and I have tried quite a few over the years but the mango, avocado chicken salad by far, is my favorite. It is a huge beautifully presented plate, even in the take-out container! Smooth, creamy avocado slices—juicy, fresh tomatoes—moist teriyaki chicken on a cool, crisp bed of lettuce with soy-ginger-sesame dressing, and…the crowning piece…the zestiest mango in town! It was fun to take different combinations of bites. All of them perfection— exactly the way I remembered it—fresh, healthy and delicious. Eel, shrimp and crab are a few of my favorites in any combination so the dragon roll and the crunch roll were perfect to satisfy my taste buds. Fresh baked eel, with smooth avocado, perfect sushi rice and yummy crab, drizzled with the most habit-forming eel sauce! And the final flourish—pink and red spicy sauce looking like a dragon breathing fire. Shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber and avocado topped with crunchy flakes—simple, delicious and filling. Open for take-out or delivery Mon-Thur.11:30AM-8:30PM, Fri. & Sat. 11:30AM-9PM & Sun. 12-8:30PM.

Don Chato Mexican Restaurant

(661) 947-7166.

38350 30th St. East


(661) 269-2005

3807 Sierra Hwy., Acton

Last week my granddaughter came to visit and she wanted Mexican food; since I had to make a stop on the eastside of Palmdale, I called and placed an order—cheese enchilada (suiza style) and shredded beef taco combination, Mexican shrimp cocktail like a wonderful “salad in a glass” and shrimp enchiladas. Take a corn tortilla dip it in green sauce, stuff it with cheese and serve with sliced avocado and sour cream, then smother it in melted cheese and more green sauce and you have a fabulous Don Chato enchilada! Delightful, savory, a tad salty with a little heat at the finish—absolutely delicious. The crispy taco was filled to the brim with an abundance of juicy seasoned beef, lettuce and cheese which was ever so tasty. Now, the shrimp enchiladas were my personal favorite—creamy, cheesy and chock full of delicious, succulent shrimp simmered in green tomatillo sauce then blanketed inside two flour tortillas and smothered with more cheese and tomatillo sauce on top. Delicate, rich, savory and absolutely fabulous. Be sure to order one of the delicious cocktails or fabulous margaritas in a myriad of flavors—strawberry, banana, mango, peach, melon or even the popular Chato Cadillac available Sunday-Thursday 11AM-9PM; Friday & Saturday 11AM-10PM for take-out.

Round Table Pizza

(661) 945-6677

44204 10th St. West,


Rounding out my week’s food journey ended at 2020 AV’s Best pizza restaurant. I ordered 6-garlic parmesan twists, 12-buffalo wings and a large ham & pineapple pizza. The twists are rolled fresh daily and were baked to perfection with fresh garlic and parmesan cheese—so yummy. The wings had a delicious blend of spices creating a mouth-watering experience, topping the flavor chart once dipped in the deliciously creamy ranch dressing. I ordered the original crust pizza and it had the perfect texture—absolutely delicious! The flavors all melted together for one big explosion of a taste. Magnifico, I say! All pizzas are MADE TO ORDER and baked with a three-cheese blend on Round Table’s signature crust-rolled fresh daily. I could tell how fresh and delicious it was, as my companion and I literally ate the entire pizza and were looking for more of that incredible taste.

Round Table declares proudly ‘Last Honest Pizza’. When the team stakes that claim, they are very earnest. In fact, they are living the legend and proud to serve a truly great pizza in a great environment. Locally owned and operated since 1980, which means 40 years serving the same great pizza with the same great taste. Open daily 11AM-9PM offering curbside pickup, take-out and no-contact delivery. Call or order online www.roundtablepizza.com.

The Salt Lick Tavern

(661) 262-6010

14700 Elizabeth Lake Rd.

Lake Hughes

This fairly new restaurant is very aptly named as it is horse country in Lake Hughes. We stumbled upon this rustic looking restaurant while out for a drive during summer. Now that dining in is currently unavailable and craving that wonderful food, we embarked on another beautiful drive to get that fabulous food to go this time! They offer a wide range of choices from the casual—Philly cheesesteak, calamari fries, pizza with house-made dough and pastrami sandwiches to the gourmet—roasted sea bass, Ron’s award-winning bison chili & cornbread, grilled hangar steak and cheese tortellini made with scratch pomodoro sauce to the mouth-watering desserts—chocolate lava cake, warm fruit hand pie and cheesecake of the day. Daily specials constantly changing with the creativity of the chef. We started off with the grilled cheese and tomato bisque soup—the cheesiest and most delicious sandwich ever with a very flavorful soup. Next, was the steak burger and fries—big, perfectly seasoned, juicy and delicious. Lastly, was the Merlot braised short rib shepherd pie with heirloom carrots, sweet peas and whipped potato crust. The sauce was delicious and savory making it the perfect dish on that very chilly day. Open Tuesday -Friday 4-8PM; Saturday & Sunday 11AM-9PM and closed Monday for takeout.

Casita Torres

(661) 948-3633

919 W. Ave J


Casita Torres born of Casita Lopez is a family owned and operated little eatery tucked in the middle of Lancaster. Serving fresh, quality food prepared daily in their kitchen by people who really care for the past 40 years and everything is made and served with love. Same great taste, same great menu and same great prices! I noticed there were a few charbroiled burgers on the menu, so I definitely had to try one. I chose the bacon and cheese burger—good sized beef patty, thick slice of cheese and 4 slices of bacon—scrumptious. Just enough of each ingredient mixed with thousand Island, lettuce, tomato and pickle. Staying in line with the charbroil theme, I ordered the charbroiled chicken dinner—half a chicken with that delicate, succulent taste of slowly roasting over a char-broiler, served with rice, beans and tortillas; muy bueno! Last, but certainly not least was the chorizo & egg burrito—nice size flour tortilla stuffed with a very savory chorizo and scrambled egg mixture. Not only was it very filling but satisfying as well—A+ in my book. Beverages include soft drinks, Mexican soda, fresh squeezed orange Juice, domestic and imported beer, wine and wine coolers. Open daily for take-out Monday thru Saturday 7am-6pm and Sunday 8am-4pm. Catering services available, call for info.

Donuts Plus

(661) 940-8332

844 E. Ave K


Ah, fresh donuts…is there anything better? Maybe a delicious cup of coffee, hot cocoa or cappuccino or if you prefer something cold, you might want to try a fruit tea smoothie blast made with real fruit and real tea! I picked up a dozen assorted donuts from a very nice selection to share with my neighbors, who were thrilled at the idea of partaking on these little beauties. There were glazed, twists, maple bars, old fashioned, sprinkled, lemon filled, cinnamon crunch and even one with chocolate icing and nuts. Everyone was happy and excited including me—I mean, really who doesn’t like donuts! All of them were light, airy and melt in your mouth delicious. The service is spot on—quick, and friendly at the same time. If you are an apple fritter kind of person, you might want to try one as they are chock full of fresh diced apples just waiting to be devoured. They also carry muffins—banana nut, blueberry, cream cheese and chocolate; croissants—ham & cheese, plain, strawberry cream cheese and ham with bacon and egg; bagel sandwiches on plain or onion filled with bacon, ham and egg plus I noticed a custard cream raisin roll which looked quite interesting—maybe on my next visit. Open for take-out daily 4:30AM-10PM.

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