The Antelope Valley College Symphonic Band will present “…from darkness grows a light” at 7 p.m. May 5 at the AVC Performing Arts Theatre.

“We’re doing three different pieces, each of them kind of surrounds this  notion of light vs. darkness and the relationship between the two,” music instructor Gary Heaton-Smith said.

The program includes “Machu Picchu; City in the Sky,” by composer Satoshi Yagisawa.

“A lot of Yagisawa’s kind of motivation for writing the piece was light bleeding through the city, sort of what that would look like and sound like and feel like,” Heaton-Smith said.

The band will also perform an energetic piece by composer John Mackey called “Lightning Field.”

Heaton-Smith described the piece as viewing lightning striking into an open field as an homage to the Midwest and East Coast, where such storms are more common than on the West Coast.

“It’s a really exciting piece; a very electric piece with a lot of different color and a lot of different sounds,” he said.

The closing piece is “Angels in the Architecture” by Frank Ticheli.

The piece tells the story of an angel protecting a band of students from some of the evils in the world. The performance will include a vocalist who will sing with the band.

“The idea being that this architecture was meant to protect darkness from entering into a house of light or a house of positivity,” Heaton-Smith said.

The show will open with chamber music and solos by the students.

The Symphonic Band has about 40 members. The majority of the members are students, but there are some community members as well. They are the only wind ensemble or symphonic band on the AV College campus.

Tickets cost $10. To purchase them visit the AVC Performing Arts Theatre box office, 3041 West Ave. K, call 661-722-6580, or visit

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