Kenny Cetera’s Chicago Experience will close out the Lancaster Performing Arts Center’s 2018-19 season on June 1, with a show that will feature many of the hits fans of the rock band with horns have come to love.

“I have a passion for this music,” Cetera said in a telephone interview. “When I was putting the band together I made sure I found guys who were passionate about the music and understood the music and how to play it.”

The eight-piece band includes seven musicians in addition to Cetera.

Kenny Cetera’s Chicago Experience is not the typical tribute band. He recorded with Chicago and also toured with them. His brother Peter Cetera, a bassist and lead singer, was a founding member of the group.

Cetera sang background vocals on four songs for the multi-platinum “Chicago 17” record, including the No. 1 hit “You’re the Inspiration.” He also sang on “Stay the Night,” “Along Comes a Woman” and “Prima Donna.”

“My brother invited me to do some singing on some tracks and basically, I was just a hired session singer for the album and I was a hired sideman on that tour,” Kenny Cetera said.

He was about 11 years old when Peter started with the band.

“They rehearsed in our garage on the south side of Chicago,” Kenny Cetera said. “That was exciting when you’re very young to have your older brother rehearsing a band in the garage.”

Kenny Cetera’s other older brother, Tim Cetera, is also a musician who played bass and sang around Chicago.

“The bug was definitely there,” Kenny Cetera said.

He started the tribute band about seven years ago.

Peter Cetera joined Kenny Cetera’s Chicago Experience on stage in Las Vegas for several songs including “Happy Man,” “If You Leave Me Now” and “You’re the Inspiration,” when the group first started.

“That was very fun,” Kenny recalled.

Peter Cetera intimated he might attend the show, but Kenny Cetera thought his brother might be promoting the Chicago Experience show via his Twitter feed.

“I found out later he got in the ticket line and bought a ticket,” Kenny Cetera said. “Some of the people in line recognized him.”

In addition to singing, Kenny Cetera plays hand percussion such as congas and timbales.

“We have a really fun show,” he said. “Everybody gets a spotlight in it.”

Tickets cost $31 for orchestra and $26 for balcony. For details visit, call 661-723-5950, or visit the box office at 750 West Lancaster Blvd.

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