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Scot Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox features a rotating collective of virtuosic vocalists combined with sizzling stage presence. Postmodern Jukebox performs pop music in a time machine, re-imagining Top 40 hits by artists such as Beyoncé, Journey, Foo Fighters and more, with classic, Gatsby-esque glam and a contagious energy second to none.

The musical collective will come to the Lancaster Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m., Nov. 25. Tickets cost $44 for balcony and $49 for orchestra.

Their eclectic mix of modern and vintage hits repurposed as jazzy, piano-led tunes from a bygone era include Radiohead’s alt-rock hit “Creep,” Lorde’s single, “Royals” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” So break out the flapper dresses and fedoras and get ready to enter an alternate universe where new is old and old is new again.

As Bradlee wrote on the group’s webpage, “Ever since I was in middle school, I knew I was something of an old soul. While my friends listened to ’90s pop hits, I listened to old jazz and Motown records and spent hours upon hours, attempting to figure out their inner workings on the piano. Listening to these records truly transported me — I appreciated the creativity, skill and above all — natural talent that went into their creation. Years later, as a musician living in New York City, I formed Postmodern Jukebox as a way to bring the classic sounds I loved back into the mainstream and to build a platform to celebrate real, unadulterated, deserving talent. Since Postmodern Jukebox performed about five years ago, the group has grown to include nearly 50 singers and another 50 instrumentalists, all of whom now have the opportunity to perform the classic genres they love for the audiences who appreciate them. The vocalists sing every note live, without any tuning help. The musicians make every sound you hear on stage and in my living room with the instruments you see them playing. That doesn’t matter to everyone, but it matters to us and I believe it matters to our fans. We do it the old fashioned way and we love every second of it.”

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