This has certainly been a year to remember and not one we’re soon going to forget.

To add to the bizarre series of events, the election turned out to be one of controversy and uncertainty, as votes continued to be counted three and four days after Nov. 3, in the presidential race.

It was finally predicted that former vice president Joe Biden would become the 46th president of the United States, but the battle isn’t over. Donald Trump has filed lawsuits in several states, claiming voter fraud. Some of the suits have been dismissed, while others are still pending.

The uncertainty didn’t stop with the presidential election, however. Votes in the race between Christy Smith and Mike Garcia continues to be tallied, with each one taking turns pulling ahead. As of Friday, Garcia held a 104-vote lead over Smith. She held a 1,287-vote lead as of Tuesday morning.

The most recent update on the California Secretary of State’s website posted at 8:40 p.m. Friday showed Garcia with 166,617 votes to Smith’s 166,513, with each candidate at 50%.

Smith holds an advantage in Los Angeles County, with 135,857 votes, or 51%, to Garcia’s 130,340 votes, or 49%.

Approximately 3,892 ballots remain to be counted in Ventura County. In Los Angeles County, the estimated number of outstanding ballots to be counted is 98,440.

We’re likely to see the lead switch between the two a few more times before the race is decided.

It’ll be interesting to see who wins the seat in the 25th Congressional District.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters remain hopeful that he will retain his seat, once the voter fraud is proven. However, it looks like the majority of the claims were false, so the turnaround is unlikely.

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