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How wasteful

Saw a report where complete morons brought assault style rifles to a fake Hispanic O’Roarke rally.

First I am a life member of the NRA and  am always against bringing guns (except lawfully licensed conceal carry) to any public event, no matter how stupid the person speaking may be.

Second, if any of our left, liberal gun hating folk think that taking, “buying” legally owned guns of any type from legal owners will put an end to mass shootings, then they are just as myopic as those they worship in the socialcratic party. Not one single gun law has ever stopped a death, just like not any law against drunk driving also has not stopped any fool from driving drunk. Why would any sane person believe that?

Not content with already wasting nearly 100 million of our tax dollars, trying to get Trump, Kavenaugh and forgetting how Billary, Schiff and Biden have acted, the demos want to do it again. How so very wasteful.

Skip Thacker


Like it or not

In reply to all you Republicans, Conservatives and Trumpsters out there who believe that we don’t have the right to see Trump’s tax returns, you’re absolutely, positively 100% wrong and I can prove it.

Many years ago, during the Watergate scandal, Nixon made a speech a few days before he resigned. I remember the first three sentences of that speech. I only agreed with the first sentence. What he said applies to Watergate as well as Trump’s whole administration, including Trump’s tax returns (and all other presidents, too).

“The American people have a right to know whether or not their president is a crook. I am not a crook. I earned everything that I’ve got.”

We have the right to see Trump’s tax returns because the American people have the right to know whether or not our president is a crook and just because you Republicans, Conservatives and Trumpsters don’t want to know because you’re afraid that Trump might actually be a crook, doesn’t give you the right to try to keep the American people from finding out.

The American people have the right to know whether or not our president is a crook, period, whether you Republicans, Conservatives or Trumpsters like it or not.

Marty Scepan


Are you reading?

Odd it is that Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, et al, continually promote the false narrative that President Trump was not ‘duly elected’.

They promote the idea that we do not have a Constitutional Government, when the selection process for the POTUS is through the Electoral College.

Let us set the record straight on this: President Trump received more Electoral College ballots than Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Why is this the case? Simple enough, America is a Republic, with a republican form of government and not a democracy. The POTUS is not elected by popular vote, rather through the Electoral College.

Thus their dogma is false and disinformation, misleading many good people.

Our media, Democrats and teachers need to get this point straight.

Of course California’s legislature passed a resolution demanding that the top vote getter in the Presidential election receives 100% of our electoral votes. This demand disenfranchises those who do not vote for Democrats, and functions as an Amendment to our Constitution.

I just cannot put my finger on the line in the Constitution that allows any state to Amend the federal Constitution singularly, or dictate how electors are to vote. Then, our Democrat controlled legislature will shred our Constitution at will without regard.

In fact California’s Democrat controlled legislature has tampered more with the Presidential election process than the Russians ever could!

Probably this should change.

Kevin McCarthy, are you reading?

Richard Skidmore


It’s only just begun

An article in the New York Times last Sunday had the title “Its the end of California as we know it.” The writer claimed to have lived in California, “nearly all my life.” However he failed to say from where he originally came, how old he was and what part of California he had lived it.

He evidently was upset about the fires and used this for every negative thing he could conjure up about our beautiful state. He started with the smoke from the fires then proceeded to the blackouts, earthquakes, poor housing developments, freeways and  even wrong cultures. Wow!

I thought this was enough to get my attention but, he continues with our poor politics. He couples Charles Manson with Ronald Reagan, Rodney King with Ex-Governor Schwarzenegger. then knocks our one story swimming pool homes for high rise densely populated cities.

How can anyone be so sightless. To all of those that read Farhad Mange’s article  and agree, I say “Don’t let the door hit you on your touchas on the way out!”

Our beautiful California has only began to succeed.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Any change is good

Re: Editorial, “Resignation brings good, bad news” – I can only comment that a change, ANY change — will be good for the Antelope Valley Union High School District.

The fact that Board President Robert Davis submitted his resignation seems like one of the only ways we will get some change in the bickering and decisiveness of the way the Board has been operating ever since the “big three” decided to have their own way with everything, definitely to the detriment of progress.

It has never been made clear exactly which district Mr. Davis represented — and who gets to vote for a new board member, unless someone gets appointed to complete Mr. Davis’ term.

I just hope that the next AVUHSD board member, appointed or elected, will work with ALL the board members, keeping the students and staff of our high schools FIRST in their decisions.

Patty Akkad


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