A couple of issues

John Hibert began his letter (“No confidence”, AVP, 01/06/21) with two telling statements: “I been reading all the letters and Especially One American [sic] News. They have all the evidence to prove the election was a fraud.” A more appropriate caption would have been “No Credibility.”

“Overall, we rate One America News Questionable based on far-right bias, lack of sourcing, promotion of conspiracy theories, and propaganda as well as numerous failed fact checks. OAN is not a credible news source.”

Mr. Hibert’s letter segued right into Robert McGregor’s pro-Trump, anti-Latin propaganda piece captioned “A quiz.” Spoiler Alert: The correct answer to his one-question quiz is neither “a” nor “b.”

Choice “a” failed because there is no reliable data to verify that the US has turned a corner on CV-19. That won’t happen until every person who wants the vaccine has been inoculated, hospital admissions have precipitously dropped, and front line workers have returned to regular work schedules.

Choice “b” failed because Southern border crossings go both ways. An immigrant or asylum seeker who enters our country from Mexico is no more likely to infect a US citizen than a US citizen is likely to infect a Latino when they travel to Mexico or Central America. McGregor is reminded that his racist President, Loser Trump, calls COVID-19 the “China disease.”

Scott Evans

Los Angeles

Time to stand up

Why are we still charged for California recycling value?

The state has taken away all the recycling centers that the state paid for. They no longer have to pay for employees, bins, trucks to drop off bins or pick up the recyclables.

Even when they did have those centers, they took our recyclables to a big vendor and got bulk value, so they even made money off us!

The EBT/welfare card holders aren’t charged this fee. Once they swipe their card, those fees get subtracted and they are the ones that recycle the most.

It’s time for Californians to fight back on all these fees. Sure, it’s small but its not necessary.

Aren’t you guys tired of being put over the financial barrel in California?

You do realize its called California recycle value (CRV) because most other states don’t do this.

The time to stand up to our politicians is now.

Crystal Brewer



The AV Press editorial January 9 condemns the efforts of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos evidenced by her statement that the department was not in charge dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. That is correct. Why is there a CDC?

The US Department of Education was established in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. Prior to this time the states controlled its educational system. There was no need for the program to be federalized. It simply introduced another bureaucracy which often harms the overall educational system as evidenced by “No Child Left Behind”. I feel the judgment of Ms. DeVos is largely unfair and unjustified.

John B. Smith


A different tale

Over 30 years ago my wife worked in an upscale family owned Italian restaurant in San Pedro California as a dinner waitress. Periodically, Lasorda would come into the restaurant with groups of friends for dinner that the owner would “comp” the cost of the meal for the group in the interest of building more notoriety for the store. On one occasion, Lasorda made a late visit with his crew near closing time that my wife consented to serve and stayed late. At the conclusion of the late night soiree, Lasorda said goodbye to the owner and left without leaving a gratuity for the service nor a thank you. So much for Lasorda the moocher. Let the record show his cavalier attitude towards the hoi polloi.

Larry Kissam


I’m sorry

To the supporters of Donald Trump, I am sorry that he never really cared about you except for what you did for him.

Mike Pence, you displayed subservient loyalty to Trump and it almost cost your life. Trump did not care that you and your family were there when he incited an angry, vengeful mob to march to the Capitol to stop the vote.

I am sorry Kevin McCarthy, Mike Garcia and the rest of the enablers who blindly supported Trump no matter what despicable thing he did or said. Trump sold his soul to the devil long ago, and now took you with him. Trump did not care that you were in the building as mobs of terrorists rampaged through the house of the people. If they had caught any of you, you would have been hurt or killed because that mob did not care which party affiliation you supported.

I am sorry that millions of Americans believed Donald Trump when he said Covid-19 was a hoax. He stopped caring about controlling the spread months ago. He did not care that hundreds of thousands of us became sick, died, or grieved from lost friends and family members.

I am sorry that you believed Trump cared about you when he only cared about himself. I am sorry for our country and people whose lives have been shattered by Donald Trump.

It is a time of soul searching and healing from what this despicable, sociopathic president has brought to our country.

Laurie Johnson


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