Editorial Cartoon, July 21, 2021

You get what you vote for

Are you smarter than a lab rat? Rats in a maze will eventually find the cheese at the end of a tunnel.  After a while, they will go directly to the tunnel with the cheese. 

When the cheese is moved to a different tunnel, the rat will go directly to the old location a few times, give up and then find the tunnel with the cheese. 

The only difference between lab rats and Republicans is that Republicans will go down the first tunnel where there is no longer any cheese ... forever.

Republicans pretend they are the party of fiscal conservatism.

Bush gave you a tax cut, then gave you a market crash and a severe Bush Recession. Obama/Biden did cleanup and restore. Same with Trump’s tax cut followed by a crash and a recession.  Biden/Harris to the rescue after another failed Republican presidency ... again.

The cheese ain’t with the Republican Party guys. I would have expected “educated” guys to know better. “No Bill, I/we don’t know any better.” Mr. Gardner, would you go to a doctor that was fine with a political party that eschewed science…during a health care crisis? The Oath should include speaking up when others are doing harm, not ignoring it.

As for Christian Trump supporters, pray pray he doesn’t return. You’ll get an earful for your hypocrisy and unthinking devotion to a false amoral god. Church attendance is down?  It is because of you and your blatant hypocrisy and willingness to indulge dishonesty ... lies. Young people see that clearly and stay away. Some legacy you left.  

Want another crash, another recession, and a failed response to any crisis? Vote Republican. You will get them. 

Bill Pappas


Leaving Afghanistan

Afghanistan is on my mind these days. Americans have been fighting and dying there for more than 10 years. 

Now Biden is pulling everyone out and leaving billions of dollars of American weapons and ammunition for the Taliban to steal. No end game plans, no concern about the people left there.  Yesterday’s news showed Afghan soldiers being executed by the newly resurgent Taliban. A lot of Americans died, and for what?

What are he and his democrats thinking about? The rest of the world sees Biden for what he really is, a old worn out has been who never was and our enemies know it. Biden’s press secretary said there will be no celebrating a job well done because we didn’t win the war. Yes she actually said that. 

I recall the news photos of the American Embassy in Saigon being abandoned in the last days of the Viet Nam war. A helicopter on the roof taking the last of the Americans out. Viet Nam citizens clambering to get out too and being left behind. 

Americans have lived with that shame ever since. Yet it seems that we are going to do it again. Yes, the Afghan  war was far too long and costly. But to pick up and leave in the middle of the night guarantees that it will fall back into Taliban hands. The Iranians will come in and support them against the USA and Israel.

Biden said he doesn’t trust the Taliban, so why is he leaving Afganistan knowing we probably will just have to go right back or watch the Taliban rape, kill and destroy like they did in the past. 

Former President Bush said yesterday that the results Biden’s pullout is going to be “unbelievably bad.”

Jim Gardner


Civility and character

There has been a big push for police reform of late. I think we should first have a reform movement on  the public’s civility and character. That in its self would drastically reduce the public/police encounters. 

Might even reduce the crime rate.

Jim Brock



What most anyone, left or right wants, is for our schools and teachers to teach math, science, literature and history, all factual without telling our children of any color, that they re to be blamed. Their skin color is something no one on planet Earth can change.

The schools are to teach subjects that will help each child be productive citizens, not haters of skin color. Nowhere should any school or teacher attempt to assign blame to any child for any past, long past transgressions. 

We have enough broken kids who hurt themselves and others in this country. Blame them for slavery, land grabs, etc., will only cause damage that won’t be overcome. No one that I am aware of has said “Do not teach real history to our kids.” 

No one. We do say: “Leave blame out of it, including the blacks of Africa who enslaved other tribes and sold or traded them to Europeans, who traded around the known world.”

Skip Thacker


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