‘Big opportunity’

Over half (51%) of L.A. County kids are eligible, but only 6% receive the funding. Ninety percent of a brain is developed by age five. What is AV’s statistics on subject? Are we missing out on funding and education for our kids? Sure, we have facilities in AV, but are we reaching every corner of AV and every kid and are we promoting it enough?

AV Press run investigative story to find out to help AV see picture. This is what makes a paper like AV Press so important to our Valley, to change area for better. Maybe AV ranks higher then the county from looking at Lancaster and Palmdale websites. We need to get every penny we are eligible for to AV. More resources and jobs on this and other things that we can develop more strategically.

AV Leadership work with county to get sites and possible grants in JV with county (use power of the County Board of Supervisors to get money from Sacramento and the federal government). Make AV lead efforts with county and state as a model program. I know we are doing this early child care in some places. But why not more and strategically and bring jobs and more funding to AV kids.

Think big, have vision. This would be perfect example project for a AV Visionary Committee that I would like too see AV leadership form. Palmdale and Lancaster and county. This committee is needed so badly, I can’t even tell you how many opportunities we are losing out on because we don’t have something like this in place and more public input.

One AV Early Childhood website is needed and hooked to all the schools, county, AV Hospital should also be developed. Big opportunity!

Jason Zink


How it all started

Within minutes of the passing of George H.W. Bush, capitalist media outlets began to rehash the now dead president’s “This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait” ad nauseam. Conspicuously yet not surprisingly missing from this revisitation was anything that may have lent a contextual and thus meaning understanding of Bush’s statement.

A few months before Iraq’s highly justified invasion of Kuwait, the U.S. State Department told Saddam Hussein that the U.S. has “no special defense or security commitments to Kuwait.”

Shortly after that, Bush’s ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, told Hussein, “(We) have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.”

These statements served to give Hussein tacit approval of said invasion.

Bush’s subsequent military action had nothing to do with defending Kuwait which, at the time, and amongst other such things, was stealing Iraqi oil by way of “slant-drilling into Iraq’s Rumaila oil field.

Instead, George H.W. Bush’s Operation Desert Storm marked the beginning of the intentional destruction of Iraqi society, which led to today’s chaos.   

Guy Marsh


Despite the flaws

Fifty-five years ago today, 11-22/18, on 11/22/63, President John Kennedy was killed by a coward, who I will not name. Yet, as I write this, not one news outlet has had even a mention of it. Perhaps some will, later tonight.

How sad to forget, so quickly, a man who had flaws, but stood his ground. Like our current president does. With Kennedy, it was Camelot, with Trump, it’s pure hate and really has nothing to do with party choice.

So many reports of illegals, homeless folk and people who are paid to get it right, trying to vote, paid cash and smokes to forge, lie, to vote and even make up addresses on ballots, to try and keep Republicans out of office. Yet, as unlawful as these are, as of yet, no arrests and even, to the surprise of no one, denials that it happens. Just the most compelling reasons, ever, for voter ID cards. Of course, the socialcrats don’t want it, as it would crimp the voting of illegals and dead folk.

Despite all the flaws and problems that go on, America is still the only country that most of the sane folk would live in.

God bless America.

Skip Thacker


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