Playing politics

Jarold Wright is correct in that the Senate Majority Leader wields a lot of power.  

The Senate leader decides what goes to the president to become law and what doesn’t. He decides who gets a confirmation hearing and who doesn’t. That is a lot of power.

 When the House Republicans were passing bills to kill Obama Care, it was the Senate Majority leader that ensured it didn’t get out of the Congress because he knew President Obama would veto them.  

Just as Leader McConnell is currently sitting on House gun-related bills unless he knows the president will sign them.

Do I agree with how the Leader does things? Not really. As it is now, the Democrat controlled House comes up with their agenda driven legislation and forces it through the House.  

It gets to the Republican controlled Senate and gets put at the bottom of the stack.  Or the Republican controlled Senate sends their agenda driven legislation over to the House where Speaker Pelosi puts in the freezer.  

Either way, both chambers are playing politics and we, the people they supposedly represent, are getting nothing for our tax dollars that pay these people.

The Congress is supposed to be working to come up with legislation that has been looked at by all sides and the bi-partisan legislation forwarded to the President for his action.  

At times I think the Congress should send things to the President to be vetoed.  Then the voters can see who is really holding up things that the public wants.  The public can voice their pleasure or displeasure to the appropriate branch of the government.

As it is right now, it’s all about finger-pointing, name-calling, and accusations.

Greg Carlson



the code

Why is it that in every periodical I see, there is an eye chart line LGBTQ I have to decipher?

Larry Kissam


Plain dumb

Donald Trump decided he would steal billions of dollars from various government departments and programs, money which was given to them by Congress, and then he would spend this money to build his stupid border wall.  

Close to $2 billion was approved to go to the Pentagon for much needed construction projects in 23 states, including California.

Sen. Mitch McConnell got upset when he found out that a $62 million middle school to be built in his home state of Kentucky at Fort Campbell, would be scuttled.  

Mitch then suddenly decided he would do all he could to keep that money in the Pentagon budget. The reason, of course, is that Mitch is up for re-election next year, and he is already behind in the polls.

I wonder if Mitch will fight for all those other projects to be built. What Trump is doing is, of course, unconstitutional, but it is also just plain dumb.

Ralph S. Brax


They’ll stop

at nothing

Jim Gardner hit the nail on the head again.

He said that since democrat failings are ignored by the main line media, it has come to be somewhat of a revelation that the inner city residents don’t like the conditions that have long been ignored by their democrat city bosses.

That is exactly true. The liberal media never talks about the failings of democrat city bosses because they think the same way.

They have the same agenda which is the total destruction of Christianity and Capitalism in America. And they will stop at nothing to do that.

Thank you Jim.

David Cooper


Be plant wise

I ask you, those plants you have growing inside your house or in the yard, are they safe or will they pose a danger to your child?

Do you have oleander, China Berry or holly growing in your yard?

Yes, China berry, oleander and holly are all toxic.

China Berry, oleander, also tomato, greens are all highly toxic — that is deadly.

Children find those bright, red, shiny berries of the holly plant tempting. Yes, such plants as arrowhead, elephant ears, rhubarb leaves also pose a danger to your child. They have sharp crystals in the leaves that causes the tongue and throat to swell up and could suffocate a child.

Do parents know the plants you grow in your home or yard? Ask yourself, are these plants safe or will they pose a danger to my child or our family pet?

Yes, know your plants. Such knowledge could save your child’s life or the family pet.

Educate yourselves, do be plant wise.

Douglas Valpey


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