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Bill Homan has had two letters published telling us how awful California is and that he’s moving.  

What conservative red state would that be where he’ll be just as angry surrounded by like-minded Trump people? That will be made worse when a Democrat is elected president next year and Homan will fuss about that when writing to his new local paper.

You know what they say, “Don’t go away mad, just go away.” There.

It takes growing up to be able to adapt to changes in one’s environment or you can escape and with that “No growing up.”  

Just growing older and angrier. It’s certain.   

Bill Pappas


What about people?

Today’s headline is disgusting. If Palmdale has a million dollars to spend on dogs and cats, why can’t they do more for the mentally ill and the homeless?

Thomas Russell Horner


Some things

never change

An apology is “a written or spoken expression of one’s regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or wronged another.”  

Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris refused to apologize to the mentally ill whose facility is located near the police station.

Parris stated it was “…outrageous to have that population in that location.” “Lancaster Deputy ‘Fabricated” Claim…”, AV Times, 25 Aug 2019.

Earlier this year at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, Parris stated that Lancaster is a Christian community: “ …we love our neighbor. It means we care about their well-meaning…’  We are Christians and we love each other…”  

Mayor Parris advocated shooting the homeless if they pose a serious threat (“Parris Stands By Homeless Comment”, AV Press, 16 Jun 2019), A lawsuit due to discriminating against Section 8 families was settled: “…much of the federal government’s case against Lancaster stems from the mayor’s own public comments disparaging Section 8 families.” “How Los Angeles County Furthered Racist ‘Fair-Housing’ Practices”,, 28 July 2015.

Raymond Jennings served 11 years out of 40-year sentence for a crime he did not commit: This entire case,” Jennings wrote, “is built upon the false accusations proclaimed by civil attorney and mayor of Lancaster California, R. Rex Parris … Parris has abused his power.” (“…Questions Linger Over Why He Was Charge…” LA Times, Sep 2016

Parris’ personality has not changed since 2009: Ann Simmons, LA Times:

Parris “has proudly forged a reputation as a no-nonsense, hard-boiled politician, more Old West sheriff than diplomat” However, Paul Chappell, senior pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church and founder of the West Coast Baptist College, says: “He has exhibited courage to confront the tough issues and compassion to help the hurting and needy. He speaks with conviction, listens with consideration, and leads with determination.” “Overcoming Adversity, He Became a Mega-Star Trial Lawyer, Accomplished Mayor”, Metropolitan News-Enterprise, Jan 2019

Vincent White


Taxed enough

I would like to comment on the naivety of letter writer David Stilwell. Mr. Stilwell stated in his letter that bicycle riders don’t pay their fair share of taxes regarding using surface streets in Lancaster.  

Fact is he said that “they don’t pay a dime.” Well Mr. Stilwell, I ride my bicycle in Lancaster every day and use the Sierra Bike Path, as well as the bicycle lanes designated on the streets. I pay a lot of taxes for the right to ride my bicycle in Lancaster.  

I pay taxes on my car, truck and motor home as well as high taxes for gasoline. Most of the bicycle riders that you see on our streets also own cars or trucks and pay their share of taxes.  

I think we are taxed enough!

Robert MacDonald


The debate

War on poverty in 1964 there were 40 million people in poverty in 2014 there were 40 million people in poverty according to the US census, we spent $15 trillion fighting Johnson’s war. Now they want to spend their way out of the homeless problem?

Topics for the democratic debate

Climate change aka the weather

Immigration aka illegal Democrats

Economy (oh yeah best it’s been in years)

Unemployment (lowest in 30 years)

Racism (was worse under he who knows all sees all and walks on water)

What are they going to debate Bidens gaffes, Warrens bloodline, Harris old boyfriends or convictions of pot smokers?

Steven Brewer


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