Greetings from South Carolina

Greetings from America. After crossing the California border into America we immediately noticed several interesting things.

In America the slower drivers actually move into the right lines. Indeed in several states the left lane was used exclusively for passing and not for texting while driving slowly.

Not-so-golden state politicians claim illegal aliens do the jobs Americans won’t. In order to get these workers the local soviets provide sanctuary, health care and free schooling for the alien workers’ families.

However, when we drove across America we saw natives doing the very jobs that the commissars of the left coast deemed fit only for aliens.  

Americans washed cars, hauled trash, painted homes, staffed restaurants, cleaned motel rooms and (gasp) were gardeners. McDonald’s and other fast food joints were staffed by young Americans eager to earn their first paychecks.

The message that words are equivalent to violence seems to have eluded many Americans. We drove through towns named Rifle, Two Guns and (horror of horrors) Ten Killer. All appeared placid, even bucolic, despite their hateful names.

Someone wrote I would be angry wherever I moved. So far I can report that life in America is more conducive to happiness.  

Bill Homan

Forestbrook, SC

Point,  counterpoint

Skip Thacker: “Guy Marsh, who denies God … misquotes (and) misinterprets the Bible.”

But Thacker chose not to mention which portions of the Bible I allegedly misquoted and misinterpreted. How convenient.

Thacker: “The Bible is written to those who believe in God … not those who don’t.”

I agree. So why is it, Skip Thacker, that Christendom shoves the Bible’s contents down the throats of those who think differently? Why do Christians wish to impose “God’s” law upon secular law and thus secular society?

Thacker: “Mr. Marsh also hates America … her economic system, her military.”

I do not hate America or capitalism. As an Internationalist, I am only of the understanding that the concept of nation-states is no less outmoded than is capitalism.

Neither do I hate the U.S. military. I merely recognize the fact that it is nothing more than a servant of the capitalist class; that the U.S. military has absolutely nothing to do with defending the American people.

Thacker: “(H)e states that he retired early (but) still hates capitalism which allowed him the early retirement…”

I retired early partly because I was a member of a labor union. As such, I was able to keep more of the wealth that I produced than were my nonunion counterparts. So, in actuality, and given the capitalist class’ disdain of labor unions, I was able to retire early in spite of capitalism, not because of it.

Thacker: “…if he lived in a Marxist country, would he be as well off or retired?”  

As I have stated here on numerous occasions, a Marxist country has yet to exist. All nominal Marxist countries have come about within the context of agrarianism or semi-agrarianism, which violated basic Marxist principles, thereby making socialist society an impossibility.

Guy Marsh


How about

swing shift

As a retired DCFS employee, I am appalled and saddened by the death of Anthony Avalos while under the supervision of DCFS.

I believe that DCFS should consider a swing shift work schedule for DCFS case carrying social workers at the Antelope Valley offices. More often than not, DCFS clients request visits or meetings in the evenings.

Accessibility to the children, parents and caregivers in the evenings can only be described as crucial to the safety of children.

Amelia Medrano


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