Plenty of opportunities

John Manning suggests that we build a four-year state University in the Antelope Valley.

I’m all for it but also want to point out that there are already two California State University campuses in the AV that offer students plenty of opportunities for bachelors, masters and teaching credentials and they never need to leave the valley.

CSU Bakersfield offers eight bachelor’s degrees, four teaching credentials and six different masters programs to students who have completed their first two years of college at AVC or another community college.

CSU Long Beach offers two engineering degree completion programs in our community as well. Both of these campuses have excellent faculty and staff just waiting to help students complete their bachelors or higher degree.

Both CSU campuses have worked closely with AVC to build pathways for students to seamlessly transfer to our programs. Google us at either CSUB Antelope Valley or CSULB Antelope Valley and see what we have to offer you and the AV community.

Randy Schultz



Karma has no political preference

An elderly black lady was interviewed in Jersey City, New Jersey. When asked of her opinion of NJ Dem Senator, Cory Booker, she said the he has got to stop running against Trump and being working for us.  

The Dem  Mayor of Los Angeles has spent  over $1 billion to clean up downtown, with no results, so the electorate wants to recall him.

The Dem  Mayor of San Francisco is totally caught up in her sanctuary city efforts and to local voters want her out.

Yes, many cities in this country are run by democrats and all of them are in trouble. Drugs, crime, homelessness, poverty and trash  are the norm and most of them bash Trump with little thought about their own voters.

With the mismanagement in the big cities becoming big news, the democrats are about the hand the Republicans a huge victory in 2020.   

After Mr Trump’s comment about Baltimore, it seems that many cities are also filthy rat infested places that no one talked much about. The democrats, who are very caught up in political correctness, are very unhappy that a bunch of college students came to Baltimore and cleaned it up thereby making the poor people look bad.

Since democrat failings are ignored by the main line media, it has come to be somewhat of a revelation that the inner city residents don’t like the conditions that have long been ignored by their democrat city bosses.  

The longer the current political climate prevails, the more everyone realizes that the democrats are not working for them. They want their votes but they get little in return. Karma may be the undoing of the democrat hold on inner cities.

Jim Gardner


The pledge

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the progressive, globalist new world order and to the dystopia for which it stands, no nations, no God, wretched, with gulags and phony outrage for all.

Dax Agner


Making things up

As a Christian, Mr. Guy Marsh, I cannot tell you how offended I was when you said Christianity is a racist ideology. If you opened your heart to Jesus, you would know how wrong you are. Christianity is the loving word of God, period. It isn’t racist at all.

You also said that Christianity justifies the likes of chattel slavery as well as the modern day segregation and brutal treatment of black people.

That is also hogwash. And I think you know it. You just make things up about Christianity because like all atheists, you hate God. It’s sad.

David Cooper


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