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Don’t be fooled

Lets be accurate concerning the term “socialist” and what it means in American politics.

The republican party uses the term to scare its constituency, they equate social programs that are standard to every democracy around the world to communism.

Fear is the tactic. However, democracy’s around the world have seen the importance of investing in social programs that have improved their standards of living beyond that of the united states.

Health care, education, poverty, clean food and water, housing, income equality and a strong social net. They understand that to ignore these issues costs the country much more, monetarily as well as socially.

It is because of this understanding that America ranks well bellow them on the standard of living list among world democracys.

The strategy of the right is to cut these services while increasing the deficit on defense, corporate welfare, and policies designed to move the wealth of the middle class upward to the 1%.

If you like affordable health care, if you have paid into social security and medicare and want them to be solvent when you need them, if you believe in quality public education, and like working for a company that offers benefits, if you support police, fire departments or any other social service, please know that democratic socialism is absolutely essential to a strong healthy democracy, and then look to which candidates are advocating for social change.

Don’t be fooled into equating social programs with a system of governance called socialism.

Mike Myers


Nothing makes sense

San Francisco has the highest rate of property crime in America.  

Streets are full of human feces, homeless sleep on the street, druggies, mentally ill, used needles, sex traffickers and illegal criminals, which they protect in their sanctuary city.  

San Francisco’s government solution to these problems: #1 banning plastic straws, then the higher ups declared #2 the National Rifle Association as a terrorist organization. Do you see where I’m going with this? Nothing makes sense in there leadership, the inmates are running the asylum.

Judy Watson


Restore sanity

As of Sept. 5, one Democratic and three Republican senators are not running for re-election in 2020.  

I can understand that even Republicans don’t want to be in Moscow Mitch’s Senate doing nothing or the prospect of being in the minority if the Democrats are in the majority.  

In the House of Representatives, four Democrats and 14 Republicans aren’t running again. The House will likely remain with a Democratic majority and maybe even Nancy Pelosi again as Speaker.   

Trump is losing to the top five Democratic contenders in almost every recent poll so it looks like the White House and Congress will be restored to some sanity, that is “the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner.”  

Bill Pappas


Reconsider it, Starbucks

The editorial September 6, was about Starbucks discontinuing newspapers in its stores. I am not a regular customer because I do not agree with their corporate positions but when I do go, I seldom see customers reading newspapers but engrossed in social media. I hope they will rethink their position but I do not think the idea will garner much opposition.

John B. Smith


A big deal

Vacation stop mail cards are easy to fill out at the post office on 10th St.

I did before leaving for six weeks and going to the East Coast, but the post office had a sense of humor and continued to deliver the mail.

A neighbor told me my post box was full and some mail was by the front door. Our son came by from Rosamond every day to clean out the box so we were lucky there. I contacted the Lancaster postmaster by email (it was the only form of contact I could find) to let him/her know what happened.

I never heard from that office and the mail continued coming for six weeks. If you try stop your mail during a vacation or being gone for any length of time, be sure to have it go into effect days before you leave.

I guess it was another case of the post office saying “So what’s the big deal?”

Gene Sannes


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