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A few suggestions

The entrenched image of the AV being an area solely of windblown tumbleweeds and a regressive culture with a thriving aerospace industry has to be updated. That image needs to change if we are to have quality growth and attract the population and amenities needed for the  healthy society we are destined to become.

This area of ours with open space, four seasons, scenic mountain and desert vistas, affordable housing and proximity to Los Angeles and the Pacific Coast is a reality that we frequently do not value. We often fail to be aware of and be grateful for how fortunate we are.

Toward that goal, I have two suggestions.

We often hear that the Valley needs a four-year university to keep our younger generation intact and local. I agree but that decision comes from the state, not the local level.  

However, if it is available, we have an opportunity presented to us in the form of the beautiful Guidance Charter school that is fully built and empty in Palmdale. It is a perfect place for starting and continuing development of a full university.

It should be a priority for the two local city and the county governments to acquire that property and convert it to a four-year state college. Supervisor Barger, Senator Wilk and Assemblyman Lackey would do well for the people of our region by leading the community in bringing that development to reality.

In addition, the City of Palmdale would be prudent to change the nebulous phrase “A Place To Call Home” by adding a single word. “A Great Place To Call Home” would have some meaning.

John Manning


Facts, not hysterics

I wasn’t surprised as much as dismayed by the perpetuation of climate hysterics in this article.  

First the outrageous speculation that our grandchildren will not have enough oxygen to breath and suffer developmental difficulties because of Brazil’s fires, using the modifiers “imagine” and “could be.”  

Quoting sources like CNN and the Huffington Post, the two least trusted news sources in main stream media does not lend credibility to the writer of this article.

The assertion that the Amazon is responsible of 20% of the earth’s oxygen came from French President Macron, not exactly a creditable climate academic.

In fact nearly all of the Earth’s breathable oxygen originated in the oceans and there is enough of it to last for millions of years. Forest plants produce lots of oxygen and forest microbes consume a lot of oxygen. As a result net oxygen production by forests and all land plants is very close to zero, its a wash.  

Even though plant photosynthesis is ultimately responsible for breathable oxygen, only a tiny fraction of that plant growth actually adds to the store of oxygen in the air.

Even if all the organic matter on Earth were burned at once, less than 1% of the world’s oxygen would be consumed.

Now those are facts not hysterics. There are many reasons to be appalled by the destruction of the rain forest but lack of oxygen is not one of them.  

Brett Papworth


Danger from other Americans

In response to a letter submitted in this Sunday’s paper titled, “Only Republicans Care,” I must say that the facts are somewhat obscure.

To say that the Democratic party is for open borders would be a broad and incorrect generalization. Although some current candidates have stated the idea of making an illegal crossing at the border a misdemeanor, that is not the general policy or the general thinking of the Democratic party as a whole.

To trust William Barr figures to be unbiased after the way he got in front of the Mueller Report would careless. It is true that illegals make up 64% of federal arrests as a result of a shift in policy that often does not follow the law, but what this letter does not state is that 95% of those arrests are for immigration offenses, crossing illegally, not violent crimes.

That category still belongs to U.S. citizens by a landslide, 91% for violent crimes, 93% for public order violations, and 96% for weapons chargers. By far the danger Americans face comes from other Americans.

Mike Myers


Business as usual

Isn’t it interesting that those with no experience seem to offer the most useless advice. For example, non-parents telling parents how to parent. Politicians telling anyone how to do anything. This also applies to would be socialists. What would it really be like to live under a socialist/communist regime? A friend of a friend related the following illustration from real-life. He lived in Yugoslavia under the Soviet/Communist domination.

“If I want to buy a Fiat here, I would go to the Fiat dealership, pick out all the options I wanted and arrange financing. I would have a choice of paying for the car over 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. I would sign the required documents and drive my car home. During the finance period I have full use and enjoyment of my Fiat. Since payment was made upon delivery, multiple individuals and entities benefited from my purchase.

In Yugoslavia the transaction would be handled a little differently. I would be required to notify a governmental agency of my desire to buy a Fiat. The term of the purchase would be 5 years. During that time a prescribed amount would be deducted from my pay. Once the payment period had been successfully completed, an order for the Fiat would be placed with the Fiat manufacturing plant in Moscow. Nine months later I would receive my Fiat. Of course, this would be a bare-bones-standard-color Fiat. No mirrors, windshield wipers, radio, etc. This is business as usual in a socialist system.”

Stephen Stukas


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