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Long live newspapers and coffee

I wasn’t surprised to hear that Starbucks is removing printed news from their locations.

Soon you’ll be getting your news on a flash drive plugged right into your cranium by a digital barista.  

But only if you have Starbucks Prime.  

I get my coffee airmailed from a plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii, family owned and operated since 1850.

I grind my own beans and set my auto timer on the brewer to greet me in the morning with that warm roasted smell.

I then walk out to my driveway and see my Antelope Valley Press waiting for me.  My day begins.    

I used to be psychologically addicted to the Starbucks frappuccino, back in the days when I tipped the scales at 215 pounds.

I would down four or five a week, easy.  

For the last seven years, I’ve developed a new relationship with food and I’m down to my fighting weight of 175 pounds.

My metabolism and sensitivity to sugar and fats are dialed in to my new, leaner, healthier way of life.

This was demonstrated recently when I ordered a frappuccino in an airport terminal after not having one for almost a decade.    

I was only able to get through about half of it when the sugar overwhelmed me.  I threw the remainder in the trash.

I’ve had a $25 Starbucks gift card in my wallet for five years. I think I’ll give it away.  

Long live printed news. Long live my 100% Kona coffee.  

Long live the Antelope Valley Press, our Great Suburban Newspaper.

Mitchell Seyfer


Laws won’t stop hate

So, saw a news report about a man who stabbed a number of folk, killing four — since four seems to be the definition of a mass murderer, we’ve had another. Only with knives, not guns.

There had better be outrage over knives, just as much as the outrage on guns. If you left, Liberal folk don’t demand laws background checks, etc. on knives, then shut up about guns. These poor, four dead are just as dead.

There have been several auto, van, truck and bus crashes, some which had over four dead, yet no outrage on or about drugs, drunk driving, etc. Why? Sadly, the ones who died are still dead.

Well, you say, we have laws against drunk driving. I know you do. Yet, everyday in this country, up to 150 die due to some fool being drunk and drugged. I remind you that you have laws about guns.

Well, you say, its the fault of Trump. What comes out of his mouth is why shootings happen. That is only the most stupid statement ever made by folk who demand that they be allowed to say whatever they want, even hounding anyone who dares to disagree with them, while demanding that anyone against them must be quiet.

What do we do? Why don’t we try this: Respect others. To do this, one must first respect themselves. Understand, that as long as there. Ar more than two people on this planet,  differences will arise.

What is my point? To try to show those who demand our guns, etc., by taking them that it is not the front of the gun, it’s the person who is using it. It’s not the fault of the knife, auto, van, truck, bus, etc. There is no law that will stop a hate-filled person from killing.

Skip Thacker


‘Bourgeois illusions’

Richard Stafford’s letter was an important one. At least half of our students don’t want or need a four-year college degree to have a good job.

And as for history, English, science, math, government, etc., a good high school education is all most people need. And yes I agree that we need to make sure that is what our secondary schools are actually providing. What a great many of our students need is tech training and skills.

Our college educated media talking-heads and politicians can’t imagine good jobs where you don’t need a B.A. at least. That’s because their life-experiences and lunch-groups are very limited. That kind of bourgeois illusion is one reason why we end up with unacceptable high school drop-out rates.

Of course we should encourage kids to try things they think they can’t do or won’t like. Give them a taste of it. But don’t make them feel like failures because they find out it’s not for them.

Give them a chance at what they love to do, and may become very skilled at.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

The ‘Latinx’ connection

On Thur. Aug. 27th in the L.A. Times Calendar Section appeared an article by Sonana Kelley that claims that the “Latinx”, A made up word by Gringos, are not getting enough play in Hollywood films or the Media.

A study at USC has taken count, from big movies and extensive television series, and reached a forgone conclusion. They say that they found that Latino’s (Latinx) are under hired in all the Entertainment Industry.  Hogwash!

Did they reach this conclusion by counting Latino (Latinx) surnames?

If so, did they count Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Anthony Quinn,

Rita Hayworth, Benjamin Bratt or Jimmy Smits?  They are all Latinos or (Latinx).

A Latino may attribute his ancestors to Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Mexico, or any other country where Spanish Sailors may have landed. He may have a surname of Kelley, for the Irish who fought for Mexico and stayed there. He may come from Cuba where they blended in with the Africans, Or they may be named Henderson for the brewmasters that brought beer to Mexico and remained. Latino’s  (Latinx?) come in all weights, sizes and colors.

The point is that they are Americans, and they have merged with every other culture in the development of this country. So don’t throw us a bone!

We strive to assimilate on an equal level with all.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

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