Sditorial cartoon, Sept. 30, 2021

You know

I am looking to soon attend a college football game so that I can join in the crowd chant to Biden, our deadhead president. You all know what it is.

Larry Kissam



An August 20, 2021 front page Valley Press Staff Report Article stated that the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station has seen an increase of car thefts and “According to the Crime website there were 22 vehicle thefts in the City over the past 28 days through August 18.”

However, the AV Press “Crime Blotter” records indicate that this information is incorrect. I’ve been documenting the crimes committed in the A.V. for almost 3 years now, by using information provided by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department that appears each day in the “A.V. Crime Blotter” section of the Valley Press which I keep, together with a monthly Spread Sheet Talley.

According to the “A.V. Crime Blotters” there were 34 vehicle thefts in Lancaster from July 22nd through July 31st, and 51 vehicle thefts in Lancaster from August 1st through August 18th, 2021; and there were 7 vehicle thefts in Palmdale from July 22nd through July 31st, and 22 vehicle thefts in Palmdale from August 1st through August 18th, 2021.

It seems as though the information for Palmdale’s 22 vehicle thefts from August 1st through August 18th, 2021, may have been accidentally transposed and thereby incorrectly reported on the Crime website as the total amount of vehicle thefts in the City of Lancaster from July 22nd through August 18th, 2021.

I know that the Sheriff’s Departments in both cities are doing everything they can to solve these crimes, and I wish them every success.

Marty Scepan


Minor breezes?

AV Press we have a problem. Today 9/28/2021 went out to locate paper. Not to be found. It was windy. Due to this happening routinely last year I looked everywhere it could have blown. Not found. Drove to Local 7-11 bought paper.

On the way home found my paper several doors down in gutter.

Please do not blame delivery man. Hes great and as long as wind does not blow paper always in middle of Driveway. The problem is your paper has become so light, with soooo many less pages the wind blows it away. Last winter I found under neighbors car, then once in rain filled gutter, many times in neighbors yard.......only when wind blows.

Many times had to drive to local stand and replace. My 94 year old father has read local newspapers every am since 1966. I cant change his habit.

Please figure out a way to deliver paper heavy enough to stay where it lands. Put a rock in covering if you have to.

Not drivers fault....your paper is to light to withstand local minor breezes.

Gayle Failla


Who’s going to jail?

Janice Williams letter 9/28/21 is the perfect example of why we need to keep CRT out of our schools. This view of American history is beyond skewed it is in fact so twisted I am still asking myself if this is just sarcasm.

Now that the findings from the Arizona audit have been partially released, I’m sure we will see a number of letters from the local lefties stating that not only did it show Joe Biden won but he in fact won by more votes than the original count. This is because this is an audit of the vote not just a recount. The outcome is the same because the same fraudulent votes were counted.

Jovan Pulitzer explains it like this: a son asks his dad for some money for snacks. Dad says here’s $15.00 and gives him 12 one-dollar bills and 3 one-dollar monopoly bills. The Son counts it and say this is only 12 dollars. The Dad says count it again he does and says it’s still $12.00 the dad says you’re not recounting you’re doing an audit.

There were tens of thousands of anomalies. For example, there are 7,000 dead voters registered in Maricopa County. You can say maybe they are just sloppy and don’t keep the roles clean. It’s worse than that because 70% of them voted in the 2020 election. This has long been joked about but it is happening in every election.

More than 1 million files were deleted between November 1 2020 and March 16th 2021 when the audit began. Winners of elections don’t delete files and fight tooth and nail to keep an audit from happening.

The really bad stuff has not been reported, it was given directly to the AG. Stay tuned to see who goes to jail.

Jack O’Connor


Just wondering

Who, besides me, would like to see Lancaster and Palmdale work together to get another minor league baseball team playing at the former JetHawks stadium? Just wonder’n...

Will Sampson


No sympathy

As the stories go, a policeman or police woman is shot and or killed doing their job of protecting you and me. So if they bite the bullet its apparently not a big deal as they knew what they were getting into when they signed on the dotted line.

If that’s so, why should we be concerned about some criminal that gets shot and or killed while doing their dirty deeds. They knew what could happen when they started their career. I don’t feel any sympathy for them, but I do the police when they’re trying to stop the criminal.

If the bad guy gets in the way of a bullet, well, they knew what they were getting into. The criminal was trying to destroy or take away from you, while the police were trying to prevent the act.

Gene Sannes


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