Editorial cartoon, Sept. 14, 2021

Where’s the story?

Where is the article reporting the democrat-inspired racial attack on Larry Elder? I know the editorial staff, such as it is, are blatant anti-freedom communist, but I at least expected a nominal report on the incident, even if from a extreme leftist point of view. Why would any free-thinking individual continue to subscribe to such an embarrassment of a “newpaper”?

Stephen Stukas

Quartz Hill

Much better

Jack O’Connor: “Several letters have asked what President Biden has done since he’s been in office that you might consider a good move for America...” So far, there have been no takers, nothing but the sound of crickets.”

However, a search of the AV Press’ internet archive revealed that, as of 09.10.21, no one other than Jack O’Connor had asked such a question. So O’Connor has again manufactured “evidence” that supports his baseless claims.

Now then, although I wouldn’t otherwise have any use for Biden, he has, relative to the pandemic, greatly expanded COVID-19 testing, assured that 75% of adults have now had at least one vaccine injection, mandated the wearing of masks on federal property, accelerated the production of PPE, instituted a global COVID-19 response director, provided pandemic funding for schools and teachers, rejoined the World Health Organization, etc.

Thus far, Biden has outperformed the highly incompetent and typically uncaring pathologically narcissistic Donald Trump immeasurably.

Beyond that, Republicans have blocked Biden’s common sense plans regarding the climate catastrophe, economic stimulus spending, and infrastructure. I dislike liberalism but am pragmatic enough to know that there can be no meaningful sociopolitical change without a stable environment, infrastructure, and economy.

Moreover, when Biden said that Donald Trump was the worst president, he was right. Beyond his disgusting personal behavior regarding racism and the like, Trump obstructed justice ten times and betrayed the country three times.

Before his embarrassing presidency, Donald Trump committed tax evasion, forgery, racketeering, petty theft, money laundering, bank fraud, insurance fraud, charitable fraud, consumer fraud, securities fraud, gift tax fraud, loan fraud, telemarketing fraud, worker’s compensation fraud, residential mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, etc.

Therefore, Biden was a good move for America because he’s a much better person than the exceedingly tragic figure known as Donald Trump.

Guy Marsh


In response

In response to Miguel Rios’ letter of 9/4/21, we wholeheartedly agree that there are other drugs permeating our communities and impacting gravely on our children.

But we need to clarify that different drugs are dangerous for different reasons and that understanding these differences is critical to formulating and implementing effective prevention strategies.

While it is true that some drugs are extremely dangerous because of their potency and addictiveness, other drugs are dangerous, and perhaps even more dangerous, because of their availability and accessibility. For example, we know that fentanyl is extremely toxic and lethal and that other drugs like opioids and meth are not far behind in their relationshipto morbidity.  

But alcohol and tobacco, though, perhaps less toxic, are responsible for more deaths, disease, crime, and a plethora of other social and medical/physical maladies like driving under the influence -related deaths, accidents and property damage, cirrhosis and many forms of cancer, child and spousal abuse, and much more.

Just so you know, we are presently trying to figure out how to reduce the number of opioid prescriptions in Lancaster and Palmdale because these two cities have the highest opioid prescription rates in all of LA county.

Also, since the issue of marijuana grows in the AV was placed on everybody’s radar in the past several months, we have implemented two virtual town hall meetings and are due for another in a month or two.

Still, we must not forget that alcohol and tobacco remain the primary drugs of choice for most underage youth. When you have these two drugs clustered and concentrated in certain environments, you can begin to see why these same areas have the highest crime rates and lowest health rates. This is true for zip code 93550 which is where we are focusing our efforts.

Xavier Flores


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