Rewriting history

After reading several articles in the AVP, about the Palmdale teachers holing a noose.

Suddenly it hit me. Whoever said: People that fail to learn from history repair it; had, the four teachers, in mind. And although, I share the same disbelief, as other readers, regarding the teacher’s claims of ignorance. I feel there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Pull down a statue here, create a new narrative there. With that in mind, it’s my belief, that if we abandoned our history, every tom, dick, and Harry, not just the teachers, will have a solid reason to please ignorance.

But, hey, what do I know, I’m just a history buff. So just for kicks. Let’s step into history twilight zone, and give the noose a new twist, just to see what happens.

Ready? Here we go. The year is 2024, and Washington says bye bye to that pesky populist Trump. AOC is crowned the high priestess of the green new deal. Mayor Pete, after translating the Bible into Marxist gobbledygook, is declared the Thomas becket of the left.

Taylors Swifts new song “where have all the cows gone,” tops the charts, and Bet becomes the new gun czar. WOW! What more could you want, right?

Meanwhile. Back in Palmdale. Mother nature’s putting on a show, and sending down some good vibes. You decide to take. Walk-through Marie Kerr park. On a chance meeting, you strike up a conversation with some wisenheimer kid over by the cement pond, call, the skateboard ramp.

But, by mistake, you mention the teachers holding a noose, and its significance in American History. Then, the kid knocks your socks off with this meathead statement: Noose, what noose? Slavery? What slavery? The history books didn’t mention no slavery, man.

Robert McGregor


Children first

An article in the AV Press dated 10/14/19 refers to two permits granted by Palmdale’s Planning Commission to sell alcohol in zip code 93550. The Commission, with direction from city staff, have denied one permit to sell alcohol in 93550 in the past seven years. Instead, they have granted 22 on-sale (restaurants) and 14 off-sale (convenience/liquor stores and gas stations) in that period.

Since 2012, Pueblo y Salud and the Palmdale Prevention Community Council have tried to discourage the Commission from granting permits in zip code 93550. Today, the total number of off-sale alcohol outlets in this zip code far exceed those of the other two zip codes of the City combined, excluding super markets.

Why is this a problem? Because zip code 93550 has the highest crime rates for the City, because crime, including violent crime, is directly attributable to alcohol outlet density and because this is having a devastating impact on our children who live in zip code 93550.

We have 36 alcohol outlets next to 16 schools. Our children are growing up believing it is normal to pass by alcohol outlets on our way to church or school or to visit a family member or friend.

They have to negotiate alcohol and its violent consequences as a normal everyday occurrence.  Why can’t their daily experience be similar to those children who live in 93551?

With the advent of the new General Plan, we now have an opportunity to correct the errors of the past and ensure that children on both sides of the Freeway are afforded safe and healthy environments in which to live, play and attend school.

Let’s pray that our elected and appointed officials finally hear us and heed our warning. Our children need their concern and deserve it.

Xavier Flores


Great teachers

I believe that teachers have one of the most important roles in our society. They can make or break a child’s attitude towards school. A teacher who demonstrates his or her passion in helping students can make a lifetime impact. Fortunately, my son Jonny’s teacher, Mrs. Andrade, is doing this and more.

In every class at California Virtual Academy, she makes a connection with him and gets him engaged in the lesson. She also creates a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to voice their thoughts without fear of judgment.

I’m glad that my son is learning from such a remarkable teacher. For those who have similar experiences with their child’s teacher, make sure to thank them for their hard work and dedication to educating the next generation. They deserve to know the impact they’re making.

Monica Torres-Herrera

San Diego

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