Unintended consequences?

Time to weigh-in again on the controversy over Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) versus the electric grid for all the rest of us.

The news media is full of the warnings from the utility companies about shutting off power in areas of fire risk due to wind (especially this), humidity and temperature factors. These areas are not small, and could include the Antelope Valley.

Whether we are affected or not, think of the people who are. Power could be out for days and with almost no warning. Unless your PEV charges at work, will you stay home? If not, will you use it anyway and allow the State of Charge to decrease (less mileage)?

You can’t use a generator at home to charge it unless you have a humongous (10+ horsepower) one and a significant supply of gasoline or diesel. Where would that come from if all fossil fuels go away?

I have yet to see a storage container of several bazillion electrons that you could put in the car’s trunk to extend the range. PEVs are almost worthless in emergencies. Might as well leave it home and let it burn to the ground.

Unintended consequences anybody? The politicians are advocating putting all our eggs in one basket.

Barry Braman


Driving a ‘Dixie cup’

More disconnect (if you will pardon the pun) from Lancaster City Hall.

In Thursdays Valley Press it was reported that the City of Lancaster is going to give away $250,000.00 in vouchers to prompt people to buy electric cars.

I hope this money is coming from all the solar energy profits and not tax dollars, that is if there has been a profit made.

When buying a car the first concern should be crash survivability for you and your family and then fuel economy. A little over a year ago my car with me in it stopped at a red light was struck from the rear with great force.

My Ford Mustang was totaled and I was injured but not badly, the car took the hit, thanks to a lot of Detroit Iron.

If you drive one of these electric cars with the structural integrity of a Dixie Cup then you can save money all the way to the hospital or the morgue.

A law of physics is you can’t get something from nothing, as of now the most efficient energy source for cars is gasoline.

My new Mustang, yes I am a Ford Man, gets 29.8 MPG on a trip at 70 MPH for a big car not bad at all and I know if I am hit again with any vehicle smaller than a semi truck I will survive.

The City of Lancaster could put that quarter million to better use like fix the streets and for Gods sake no more traffic circles.

David Stilwell



I can’t believe that Guy Marsh is allowed to say that the affirmation that joining the military constitutes service to this country is childish, naive and a function of capitalist disinformation.

That is outrageous. And it shouldn’t have been published. If he hates this country and the people who have defended him against foreign enemies, then he should leave this country and never come back.

But I am glad to know that Ed Galindo did serve his country. Thank you for your service Ed.

But no Mr. Marsh I do not think that radical college professors like Ralph Brax have served this country.

Brain washing young people in this liberal agenda is the opposite of serving our country.

And since the other liberals that I asked if they ever served their country did not answer my questions I just assume they didn’t serve their country either.

David Cooper


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No one wants that

I am wondering who, in Lancaster, decided to restructure the street intersections.

I live not far from Monte Vista Elementary school. These streets are very busy when school is in session.

Lawns at all four corners had areas torn up and a large area of cement was place where the lawn had been plus out into the streets. Vehicles must be very carefully driven to pass another, whether parked or also moving.

Another concern I have is that the intersection is sloped to quite a few inches lower than the incoming streets with no drainage at all.

These corners are very busy when school is in session. The students will get very wet, whether by walking through the water or someone driving by, going to or from school.

Would you want your wet student sitting in the classroom? I don’t think either the parents or the teachers would want that.

Ida Ketchum


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