Thankful for CAVA

Growing up I lived on the slopes. Skiing was my passion and all I ever wanted to do. Then in seventh grade I suffered a devastating fall and spent months recovering. Navigating the halls of my regular public school became nearly impossible with a broken leg. So, my parents enrolled me in California Virtual Academy to help make my recovery process easier. With online public school, I could focus on recovering from my injuries, while still being challenged in school.

At CAVA I decided to give computer science a try. And, I fell in love with it! I enjoyed it so much I successfully petitioned the school to start its first AP computer science course.

This led me to Montana State University where I completed an internship working on 3D mapping technology to help autonomous cars detect oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. Three months after graduating college, I’ve started my next opportunity—the chance to work on the first mission to land humans on the moon since the 1970s.

Looking back, I could never have imagined how much the decision to attend online school would help me find my passion and change the trajectory of my life. But, I’m thankful that it did.

Kyle Melton

Highlands Ranch, Colo.

So sad

Well it was just another week of Donald Trump making wild and ridiculous claims, threats, and accusations.  

He began by attacking the whistleblower, who was just doing his or her job, as a partisan.  He declared he wanted to meet this person face to face, so that he could intimidate and threaten him or her. Of course, his goal was to make certain there will be no more whistleblowers. Talk about obstruction of justice.

Trump then announced that California’s own, Adam Schiff, who is just doing his job as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, was guilty of treason.  

If there is anyone who knows about treason it’s Donald Trump. He then called the president of Australia to help him undermine the Mueller report. Hey, if the report “exonerated” Trump, then why was he looking for someone to attack it?

In a press conference with the president of Finland, Trump informed reporters that he no longer would refer to the press as “fake news,” but rather as “corrupt news.” If you can’t trust the press, then you can only trust Trump. He is unraveling before our eyes. So sad.

Ralph S. Brax


Nothing wrong with learning trades

Very good article 10/8 paper. I am glad to see that at least one high school teaching trade classes.

My son took tool and die in high school a long time ago and he is able to work 10 hours a day and 10 hours on Saturdays if he wants to.  

Nothing wrong with learning a trade. I hope you publish this. The trades pay quite well.

Ken Gabbani



Regarding 9 October Sheer Arrogance in AV Press: Vomit Negativity. He (Mr. White) could not ”Resist.” Quod erat demonstrandum.

Sam Kilanowski


‘Hate speech’

Staggering with astonishing hatred and unbridled emotionalism, the militant and activist political left of today is revealed in the impotent fury on full display with the failed Muller investigation and  the current impeachment proceedings.  

Hillary Clinton’s diatribes and the senseless disgust of many others notwithstanding, the truth is Trump is legitimately elected.

This current debacle is an attempt to overturn the election of 2016 or win the election of 2020. But it is just as likely to result in the re-election of the president and even the elevation of Kevin McCarty as Speaker of the House. He, Trump, will not be removed by the Senate; everyone acknowledges that.

In a pathetic effort to make themselves psychologically feel better the activists and protesters are replacing the decency and rationalism of what remains of the traditional Democratic party. It is causing the party’s descent into a maelstrom of anger, despair, victimhood and ridicule of others.

They hope for a better future but cultural revolutions based on class, gender and racial conflict, rather than with coexistence of the same factors, end in societal collapse. History is replete with sordid and tragic examples of imperial governments imposing their will on an unwilling mass of citizens.

Belief is often more powerful than truth and reason is perhaps the most feeble of human resources. In most instances the proponents of radical Progressive ideologies today have little understanding of reality. In a state of arrested development they cannot tolerate being challenged and consequently explains the enforcement of political correctness and suppression of speakers of different viewpoints, branding it as some variation of “hate speech.”

John Manning



I’m not sure why it is considered childish and naive to say someone is “serving their country” even though they are not defending their country from direct attack?  

Is not providing security for our allies, putting their lives on the line in doing so “serving their country?  

Yes, I know it’s those dreaded capitalists who have put our soldiers in these precarious situations, but that doesn’t change the fact that our soldiers are “serving their country.”   I am curious though, was it a result of those “capitalist class economic interests” that allowed Guy to “enjoy economic options which precluded a need to join the military”?  

Steve Lockhart


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