Thank you

I want to commend Steve and his crew for doing a mighty fine job on my damaged car. Westside Auto is the best.

Janet Deraway



It has been reported in Thursdays Valley Press that Katie Hill is under investigation by the House Ethics folks for her affair with a female staffer and a possible affair with a male friend.

So what is the big deal, nothing will come of this waste of tax dollars, she is a Liberal Progressive, I won’t even call her a Democrat as there are many many fine upstanding representatives who happen to be a member of the Democrat Party.

So this will get swept under the rug and is just another example of the Swamp.

If a president can have a running affair with an intern in the Oval Office (Bill Clinton) Katie Hill is just a very small a blip on the D.C. Radar screen, she will likely get a lot of sympathy as a bonus as she touts her husband as “abusive” at every chance.

So just give her a free pass so she can continue with important affairs (pardon the pun) like representing the people of the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley.

Can you imagine how this would play if she was a Republican, Nancy would be gathering the firewood and demanding Katie be burned at the stake at once, if not sooner.

David Stilwell


Hello Santa

I wrote you a letter. I explained how good I was. I asked you to bring me a 2020 Corvette convertible for Christmas. I want her to be burnt orange with a black soft top.

Well, Santa. I’ve been thinking about how selfish I am. I got to thinking about the times when I grew up when people would say please, thank you and hold the door open for you. I thought about saying the Pledge in homeroom; about reading the different Bibles; about praying. I thought about Nixon and Kennedy’s debates about how issues were the theme. I thought about the 4th of July parades how we stood still and saluted the soldiers as they marched. I thought about everybody standing at Ebbets Field for the National Anthem.

I thought about the respect we had for our parents, for our teachers and for the police. We went to school to study, to learn. We didn’t worry about getting shot.  When a police officer pulled you over for speeding, neither had to worry about getting hurt.

Santa, sure that Vette in my garage would be awesome. But what would be more awesome would be having the good old days back when people liked each other, respected each other. The days when people saved for what they wanted and worked for it. Save the Vette, Santa, for some other deserving person. Please bring me the good old days,

Thanks, Santa.  Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Santa.

Stuart Cannold


They deserve care

Compassionate guy Jeffrey Cushanick’s letter regarding coming across inmates recovering from colonoscopies in the same facilities he had his own facilities.

He must have been scandalized to even be near them! He inferred that America should not waste money on preventative care for prisoners but rather let them die of natural causes as a way of downsizing prison population. (Oct 26)

Mr. Cushanick, I invite you to read our constitution to educate yourself on prisoners’ rights. Then you have other research to do, as does much of the populace who think so negatively on our incarcerated.

Find out how much of the prison population are factually innocent (1% or 20,000 according to Barry Scheck, the Innocence Project.) They do not deserve to go without proper medical care because they went without proper legal representation. And most of our incarcerated will be released back into society where we want them healthy, productive members of society.

I’ve heard your opinion before, that we spend too many tax dollars on our prisons. I invite you to spend a week in a prison, sleep in a bed, eat the food, wear the clothes. Eat more of the food. Then tell me they “deserve” it.

It’s unfortunate that most believe as you do, that inmates are bad people when most are addicts, mentally ill and others who made bad decisions. Even they deserve care Mr. Cushanick. Just like you.

Vicky Horn


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