Letters from Readers, October 27, 2019

So what?

Usually, I like Skip Thacker’s articles in the paper but his article dated October. 21, when he harped about teachers showing the noose was making a mountain out of a mole hill. Common Skip! Not everything like a noose has a racial connotation to it. If you were a teacher dealing with incorrigible students who caused havoc in your class, you’d want to vet too.

As a former teacher myself, we’d sit down in the teacher’s lounge and conjure up all kinds of ways to straighten these kids out who didn’t want to learn, just short of manhandling them. If you spent some time in a public school classroom today you’d be whistling a different tune, but since you (along with our politicians) no nothing about what teachers have to endure and have no skin in the game, yo choose to maintain the moral high ground and persecute these teachers. You have no clue what conscientious teachers have to deal with in schools now-a-days.

So the teachers showed a noose. Big deal! I remember we used to play a game called “Hangmans Noose” on paper in high school. Nobody thought that it had racial overtones. All this political correctness nauseates me.

Skip! Ask yourself if your blithering is going to help our public schools? We now rank 39th out of 50 states as having the worst public schools in America. Gee! I wonder why? Don’t you think our school establishment should have “bigger fish to fry” then worrying about some frustrated teacher’s showing some noose?

Dennis Tope


The debate continues

My, oh my, I seem to have touched a very raw nerve on a very unhappy Guy Marsh, according to his opinion letter of 9/12/19.

He asked questions, I will try to answer. I do not mention the chapters, verses or books of the Bible that you misinterpret. Why? Because you get the interpretations Wong on every verse.

I do not know why Christians you encounter try to shove the Bible down your throat, perhaps it’s out of, gasp, love and the desire, like God, that none should perish. Have you tried asking them?

Every letter that you talk about the country, flag, eagle, military, you profane each one. Please show us even one of your 450+ letters, where yo upraise, life up or even say that you love our country, etc.

To prove even more, our answer about the military being a servant of Capitalism, shows your disdain about both. Note that every country you hold in higher esteem than the one you live in, has military.

I, too, retired early from a union job. Because unions are a very real part of the Capitalistic system we both enjoy the fruits of our labors, higher than average pension, full medical benefits, more time for family. No other “ism” can provide that, in fact, we would both still bye working in any other “ism” system and you know it’s true.

In my previous letters, you quit Marx, state that you are a Marxist. Now you deny it and call yourself an internationalist.

Like you, I stand fully behind every word I wrote then and now. I have stated before, to you, and others, that we will each be unable to change the other person’s mind or heart. We will always disagree on almost all things.

Skip Thacker


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