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Cheer up, it’ll all get better next year.

We’ll all have 2020 vision.

Ken Pyle



Recently I went in for a colon screening and since I had one of the earliest appointments I thought I would be in and out fairly quickly.

However, like any medical appointment I wasn’t seen until well past my appointment time. So when I finally got into the prep area I was fairly taken back to see no less than ten state prisoners handcuffed to gurneys in various states of recovery. Each prisoner had their own guard watching them. So when the nurse was hooking up my IV I made the joke that what were they feeding them at the prison for all these individuals to be having colon issues? She informed me that they were just in for a screening like I was.

I’m afraid I’m not well versed in the prison demographics but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the state is spending a pretty great amount of tax dollars for preventive medical procedures for prisoners that are out of reach for a fair amount of the over 50 population.

I would be curious to know how many other states offer this type of proactive medical care as opposed to just providing essential reactive care when needed. It seems counter-intuitive when you’re trying to downsize your prison population you just don’t let some bad-guys die of natural causes. I guess you could call it Cali-intuitive.

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill

Any answers?

A few months ago I wrote a letter wondering why all the crime around downtown Lancaster and the Boulevard. Never got an answer.

Who is doing all this crime? Are they homeless people? People living in the area? People who are visiting the area? Repeat offenders? People who don’t have anything else to do? Are they people who continually frequent the area? Are they people who commit a crime and are then apprehended, booked, let loose and go back to the area and commit more crimes?  

So why would anyone want to visit, shop or attend those areas if they have to worry about being assaulted, robbed, having their vehicle broken into or even raped? I’m sure the happenings and crime in that area keep the sheriff very busy. And the Sheriff Department is not far away.  

Obviously it doesn’t stop these people from committing crimes. Maybe if people stay away from there, don’t attend any events, shop, eat, do any business there, the area would get cleaned up? Any answers?

Barbara Richardson


Survival of

the fittest

According to President Trump and the national conservative news media, someone who simply supports a federal government social program that helps people such as Social Security and Medicare is a “crazy socialist.”

If we go by that definition, than that would make Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon “crazy socialists”  because they both signed new federal government social programs that help people into law/existence, and they both supported Social Security.

In fact, Ike wrote a letter to his brother in which he stated that any Republican who wants to abolish Social Security is “stupid.” It appears that conservative-Republicans have become a lot more conservative and “stupid” since around 1980 because we sure do have a lot of them nowadays who do want to abolish Social Security and move our country toward a survival-of-the-fittest Social Darwinism.

For example, I recently saw President Trump’s acting chief of staff and budget director Mick Mulvaney, on television. When he was a congressman, he was a favorite of the Tea Party and was well-known for stating that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, that it is“unconstitutional and that it should be abolished.

More and more, today’s national Republican Party stealthily advocates and stands for a crazy, creeping and cold-hearted survival-of-the-fittest Social Darwinism where there are no federal government social programs to help the lower and middle classes.

Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, New York

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