30 seconds or less

During his meeting in the White House with Democratic and Republican leaders in which he delivered one of his many rants, Donald Trump declared that Nancy Pelosi was “a third rate politician.”  

Actually, Pelosi is one of the smartest politicians in Congress and she can make Trump look like a fool in 30 seconds.

Ralph S. Brax



candidate needed

I agree with Mr. Stillwell’s letter on 10/29. But Katie Hill made a big mistake by resigning. She would never have been removed from office as she is a left wing liberal democrat and they can do what ever they want.

She also has being bisexual support. I am hopeful that the election to replace her will have a good Republican candidate this time as Mr. Knight didn’t seem to really put up a good campaign last time.

Keith Brooker


Strength in numbers

According to Federation For American Immigration Reform: …providing education, health care, law enforcement, and social and government services to illegal aliens and their dependents costs California taxpayers $25.3 billion a year. However, according to the Suicide Prevention Center, the costs of suicide is $93.5 billion. There are other costs such as tobacco ($300 billion); alcohol abuse ($249 billion); illegal drug abuse ($193 billion); prescription drug abuse ($78.5 billion); prescription drug abuse ($78.5 billion).

Brookings Institute is a “…nonprofit public policy organization…  whose mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems at the local, national, and global level.” Brookings completed its research, “Geography of Desperation in American” in which they concluded the following: One million Americans committed suicide or had health complications from or alcohol abuse from 2006 – 2015.

It’s clear that economic inequality and not immigration is affecting this nation. Last year, Bob Iger, Disney CEO,  compensation …increased 80% to $65.6 million…His compensation was 1,424 times that of a Disney employee. Abagail Disney, granddaughter to Roy Disney, states that “…executive pay at that level has ‘…had a corrosive effect on society.’” Disney states that employees at Disneyland “…told her of a reduction in benefits and in many cases struggling to pay, for example, medicine. “Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Compensation is Insane,”

President Trump boasts of a strong economy by talking about low unemployment. However, no one wants to talk about employers not giving enough hours. When I was growing up, the definition of a job was adequate pay and full-time benefits. There is an old saying that there is strength in numbers. That is why unions were successful with supermarket strike (hourly increases in wages, and more money for pensions/healthcare and GM strike.

Vincent White



If anyone other than the one person took offense to my un-sympathetic view of our local state prison population, all I can say it that my sympathies lie with the victims of the crimes.

Whether you were a trusting investor of Bernie Madoff or you were an unlucky AV resident who was smashed into by an unlicensed/uninsured motorist, very few crimes are victim-less.

The point of constitutional protections for state prisoners and their health care is almost laughable. I doubt the framers did much hand-wringing over how the states should handle their prison population let alone how much health care should be provided, other than some. I’m sure there is a hodge-podge of variations on how much health care is provided by various states.

As far as a certain percentage of the prison population being wrongfully incarcerated I wouldn’t disagree and that’s unfortunate. I’m also all-for rehabilitative programs for individuals that seek that type of help.

However, if I feel shivved (i think that’s a prison term) because I feel that my tax-dollars shouldn’t be going towards providing murders and rapists with the same level of preventative care that I worked 38 years for, then you can just change my name to Jeff Cush-Shanked!

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill


During a TV political talk show, they were discussing the fact that Rudy Giuliani accidentally butt dialed a guy revealing some confidential information.

One of the wits, half-wits or nitwits (take your pick) on the show made this statement: “A lot of people have been thinking that Giuliani has been talking out of that part of his anatomy for a long time.”

Marty Scepan


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