Not for sole support

In a recent letter. Vincent White seemed to make a correlation between conservatives and low wages by suggesting the recent tax cut  was good for only the rich. I’m not sure I understand his point.

I’d like to suggest to Mr. White that minimum wage was never intended to be the sole support of a family. Minimum wage is paid to entry level non-skilled workers. These workers will if they succeed in learning their job and being a valuable worker may be in line for a raise in pay. Additional training can also help a worker earn more money.   The current push for a minimum wage of $15 or more has already caused the elimination of lots of fast food and clerking jobs.  

Since most of these jobs are not union jobs, the fate of the unions has no effect.  Further, most conservatives that I know are in favor of work and individual initiative and reject the liberal “give me free stuff” mentality.

I would also suggest that those who are rich and successful generally are responsible for running companies that employ people. With unemployment among all ethnic groups at historic lows, most employees have lots of choices to get a better job.   

This country was founded on the basis of the value of hard work and individual initiative. Unions have a checkered history in their representation of workers. There are instances of unions pulling workers off the jobs for reasons that had little effect on individual workers. I personally  know of a company that offered extra hours and extra pay for workers because business was very good and production was behind schedule but the union balked and the result was the financial collapse of the firm. Everyone lost their job.

Jim Gardner


They don’t need hatred

I haven’t written on here in a long time.

I used to be a regular on the Opinions page, but I haven’t had much to say in a long time, because a few on here have pretty much said it for me.

I want to compliment the Editor of this page, by limiting the contributors, because at one time the daily Marxist and some of the other far Left controlled this page daily.

Today reading the Editorial about Rep. Katie Hill visiting a school in the Antelope Valley and expressing her dislikes of President Trump really was disgusting to me!

In the first place our children have enough problems worrying about bullying and school shootings without someone trying to force their Political Views on them.

I don’t have any children in school now, but I have grandchildren and great grandchildren attending schools in other States.

If I had a child in school now, here in this State, I would be protesting.

Our children have enough problems without being taught hatred.

Nancy Abbott


Best explanation

Richard Skidmore’s letter of Oct 2nd, was the best explanation of what we don’t want for our country.

A perfect example of what the Democrat Party is about. I hope it opened a few eyes, for a broader prospective of what’s trying to occur in our country and Trumps is trying to prevent. We must learn from the past, but maybe that’s why such an effort is made to erase history. I remember Mr. Obama saying, “How does Trump think he’s going to create more jobs, does he have a magic wand, or something.”

I, say, ‘yes’ he does, it’s called leadership, working for the people, not against them. Unemployment just hit a record low, that’s not happened in 60 years. We don’t want the ‘pitiful warm of the government as the end goal’, at least I don’t.

Heard a great quote, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”  

Keep that quote in mind as conservative speakers are being silenced in Colleges across the nation. Take Richard’s advise and read, share and discuss.

Judy Watson


Nearly all they have

In reaction to my comment that a distressingly high percentage of South Carolinians are impoverished and thus desperate for jobs no matter how degrading, Bill Homan wrote, “ … Marx, Engels, and Lenin must be doing backflips at the pronouncement of their ardent disciple that menial labor is degrading.”

Marxism’s central tenet known as “alienation” postulates that (all) forms of work within the capitalist system are alienating and degrading, most especially menial labor. All decisions related to industrial production are made by capitalists rather than by even the most skilled workers who perform monotonously repetitive work that allows for little psychological fulfillment.

Therefore, workers, particularly menial workers, are coerced to accept these dehumanizing conditions by selling themselves in the labor market just as cattle are sold in the cattle market.

So a far more correct statement would have been — Marx, Engels, Lenin (and Daniel DeLeon) must be doing backflips over the fact that workers have not yet socialized and democratized the means of production, which would, in a socially just fashion, automate all types of menial labor and, eventually, all other forms of work.

Per Homan’s ever-clever remark that I am an “armchair Marxist,” well, what else are Marxists to be at this point? After all, unlike, say, Right libertarians, we Marxists understandably lack capitalist benefactors who might provide our movement with a massive amount of material support, just as the Koch brothers have done for the astroturf libertarian movement.

Moreover, have you ever known of a Marxist being interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox or any other manifestation of capitalist media? Answer: No you haven’t. For Marxists and Marxism are completely off-limits to the for-profit media. Forums such as this one are nearly all that we have.

Guy Marsh



Is it true that next season the Dodgers will start cashing welfare checks so recipients can attend more games?

Stuart Cannold

Sierra Vista, Arizona

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