No new taxes

I attended the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce meeting in Palmdale today and listened to the CEO of AV Hospital give us his pitch for a new hospital to meet earthquake standards mandated by the State of California. He is facing a deadline because prior CEOs did not attempt to develop a plan to retrofit or build a new hospital because of the constant turmoil that occurred over the years.

I asked the CEO if it would help him develop new sources if we were able to get a waiver from the State for a few years to meet the upcoming deadlines for plans, building and completion of a new hospital or retrofitting which start coming due in 2020.  At present the CEO wants to use a combination of public and private bonds to raise money for whichever plan is developed. He didn’t object to having more time.

In attendance at the luncheon were Assemblyman Tom Lackey and Senator Scott Wilk who gave legislative updates for the audience. I called upon them to join with me in asking for a waiver. They seemed interested. Senator Wilk said he would check to see if other hospitals were under the gun, so to speak, with deadlines.

I appreciate the dedication of the CEO to preserving our AV Hospital, but, we need to attempt to channel other sources such as the County, the State, and the federal government before we ask the taxpayers to pay for new bonds. I don’t know about you, but I cannot pay any more taxes. So, hopefully, we can granted an extension to get unheard of, as of yet, funding to spare all of us new taxes.

Michael P. Rives



and fanaticism’

So, Nancy Pelosi, leader of the house Democrats, has said that she will push for the impeachment of President Trump even if it means losing the house in the 2020 elections.  Interesting. I seem to recall Pelosi, Obama and the Democrats pushing through the unpopular Obamacare regardless of the political ramifications in the 2010 elections.  That little political maneuver cost Pelosi control of the house and over 50 seats.  Still, it was for the greater good. Pelosi has no fear of losing her comfortable liberal San Francisco seat, however, her “party pawns,” will not be so lucky.  

It now appears that Pelosi is willing to sacrifice vulnerable Democrat freshmen from Trump dominated districts in order to push through an impeachment at all costs.  

The Democrats, under Pelosi, have once again demonstrated new heights of subversion and fanaticism. It does not bode well for the future of our Republic.  

Bill Heard


We have wings

The B-21 will be built in Palmdale. Soon the effect will allow Palmdale real estate to “take off.”

News homebuilders have waited years to hear was finally made official on 9/16. Northrop Grumman gives us wings. Bombertown rocks!

Ian Hall


The ’ol‘ rope-a-dope’

Because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did not agree with the calls for President Trump’s impeachment for a long time, that delay may have emboldened the president, thereby giving him just enough rope to hang himself, and if Trump is impeached, regardless of how the Senate proceeds thereafter, the Speaker’s actions will be known forever by future generations of Americans, as the greatest political “Rope-a-Dope” to ever occur in the long illustrious history of the United States of America.

However, should that occur, it will not be our nation’s brightest nor finest hour, but sadly a necessary correction that we as Americans do not relish.

Marty Scepan


Heads or tails

Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is unable to view issues with any degree of objectivity.

Information that passes through to his “very, very large uh brain” must pass through his malignantly narcissistic lens. Demonstrating the developmental skills of a toddler, Trump sees anything that fails to flatter or benefit him as hostile.

No criticism is constructive. Rather, the critic must be attacked and vilified. Civility be damned. In his twisted view of the world, everyone is required to be courteous and respectful except him. As president, he is immune from following rules.

A reporter who raised an alarm over the president’s comments regarding a whistleblower who criticized Trump’s telephone call with Ukraine’s president was met with the president’s wrath.

The journalist was asking for Trump’s reaction to fellow Republicans’ concerns about his threatening remarks aimed at the whistleblower and anyone who provided him/her with information.

“I don’t care!” shouted Trump. “Look, I think a whistleblower should be protected if the whistleblower’s legitimate,” Trump proclaimed. And Trump alone should assess the merit of any complaint. Simply put, Donald Trump deemed the complainant illegitimate and therefore ineligible for protection under Federal whistleblower statutes. Heads, I win...tails, you lose.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

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