Letters from readers, October 20, 2019

Blame game

Tell me why, wrote George Jung of Antelope Acres.

He questioned why the Antelope Valley kids are doing so poorly in science and math.

Thank the liberal teachers that prioritize social engineering over math and science.

Eric Gordon

Leona Valley

Change the formula?

Regarding an article titled “Palmdale awarded second grant” 10/15/19, This City staff should be commend for the phenomenal job they are doing to keep tobacco establishments within the City in compliance.

Targeting of illegal sales and marketing of tobacco products to minors is of great concern to many, including Pueblo y Salud and the Palmdale Prevention Community Council. The fact that the Tobacco Grant Program is focusing their attention on this problem, is to be commended.

Having said that, when it comes to addressing health and safety concerns related to tobacco sales and consumption, the City seems not to know how best to accomplish this task and seem to be working against themselves in a very obvious way.

Their efforts need to be adjoined by a very conscious effort to reduce the number of tobacco outlets in areas that are already saturated with these establishments. The best example of such an area is zip code 93550. According to the California Department of Fee and Tax Administration, 93550 has 40 of the 79 tobacco outlets in the City, more than the other two zip codes combined.

If the simple yet logical equation for alcohol applies to tobacco, then more tobacco outlets = more tobacco consumption = more tobacco related problems including poor health.

Zip code 93550 has the worst health rates in the AV and the highest crime rates of the City. This means that zip code 93550 is the last place you would want to allow another tobacco outlet. Yet, this is exactly what the Planning Commission did during their October 10th meeting.

So, we have a City that wants to educate kids on the dangers of tobacco use while simultaneously saturating their environment with tobacco outlets. Isn’t it time to change the formula?

M.R. Mainella

Prevention coordinator

Pueblo y Salud Inc.


Unfair debate

Wow, the 4th Dem. debate was the best of them all, even with 12 candidates ... But I feel that the debate was still unfair to some as they were not given much time to talk. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is not liked by CNN and had very little time.

Warren was given twice as much time as anybody because she is the one that CNN wants to win. Poor Old Joe had a hard time saying what he wanted to say.

Just like me, us old guys sometime have trouble saying what we mean. Mayor Pete got it right when he said that career politicians won’t give you a yes or a no answer to a question.

This time they had nothing to say about the border or how to pay for all the free giveaway stuff. The only thing they all agreed on was that Trump must go. I also agree with Rep Gabbard to get our troops out. They will always be fighting and the countries in that area will be at war.

The GOP better be looking for another candidate to run for president if Dems can impeach Trump.

Keith Brooker


No one will listen

Lancaster School District and the Teachers Unions are failing our children. There used to be a time when the Unions would advocate for their teachers, which in turn would be advocating for their students.

Those days have long gone. It appears they don’t want to ruffle any feathers and the ones who suffer the most are our children.

Good teachers are retiring early or switching professions because the classroom is too chaotic. Leaving us behind with a lot of poor performing substitutes or inadequate teachers. As a parent, I can easily see that our teachers are not empowered to teach because the rules of the classroom no longer allow for discipline.

My children attend Sunnydale Elementary where there are fights constantly. Which is extremely sad because this is an elementary school. The constant misbehavior is a distraction to the learning environment. But a teachers hands are tied.

I get that the classroom is chaotic these days and that is because the district did away with adequate repercussions for misbehavior. But what are the teachers as a group doing about it? Retiring early or switching professions. So you solved the problem for yourself. Leaving the next generation behind. Where are the picket lines demanding to be empowered to teach? Or is that reserved for pay scale discrepancies? Why are you not involving the Union? Speak up!

You rely on the parents involvement but that isn’t enough. If you are not shining light on the issue no one will listen to us.

Lenore Sherman


Help from Friends

The Palmdale City Library gets by with a little help from its Friends. Established in 1977, the Friends of the Palmdale City Library group has given nearly $200,000 over the years to fund Summer Reading, youth programs, adult programs, special events, movie license, equipment, books and more. In addition, the Friends continue to promote enthusiasm for the library.

October 2019 marks the 13th annual National Friends of Libraries Week, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the Friends to toot their own horn and share what they do to make a difference. Even the City of Palmdale is on board. The Palmdale City Mayor, Steven D. Hofbauer, has proclaimed October 20-26, 2019 as “National Friends of Libraries Week” and encourages everyone to join the Friends of the Palmdale City Library as they work to make a great library even better.

In celebration, there is a drawing and writing contest going on at the library. Entries are due by 8 p.m on Oct. 22. Winners will be announced on Oct. 26, during the Fab-BOO-lous Book Sale.

The Friends are always looking for new members and volunteers. It’s easy to join, just stop by the library or visit https://friendsofpalmdalelibrary.org/ and click “Join Us.” Be sure to download the membership brochure or use the Sign Me Up! form.

Joining the Friends is a terrific way to make new friends, give back to your community and make your library even better.

Tina Victory


Friends of the Palmdale City Library


One good turn

Bill Pappas, if it weren’t for writers on the right, what would you talk about? Just think how dull this section would be if you weren’t ripping into conservatives and tearing down our opinions.

Those ‘cages’ for children, you mentioned, Obama had those build and videos on the news were taken in 2014, when Obama was president. Did you gripe then? Can’t believe you weren’t up on that.

Speaking of Ukraine. Did you see the video of then, Vice Pres. Biden, bragging how he had an investigator fired for looking into the utility company his son, Hunter, worked for? He told Ukraine he’d withhold Foreign Aid to their country if he wasn’t fired, and presto, he was gone. Guess you didn’t hear that either.  

Trump turned over his phone conversations with Ukrainian leader for all to hear. Guess that one slipped by you too. That call, was another, ’nothing burger.’ Love that word, it’s used so much lately.

Tariffs? Trump’s still a ‘work in progress’ and China seems to want a deal, so don’t rush him. Trump looks out for our country’s best interest, as we’ve been ripped off for millions, year after year with ‘bad deals’ by other presidents.

12,000 lies? hmmmm, Speaking of that, did you hear that CNN and ABC, were just caught red-handed for, wait for it “telling lies.”

Two can play this game of ‘whistleblowers’ too, and we have ours. CNN was caught big time. Guess we now play the Game of lies.   

Newsom? Lots of activity happening about impeaching him. In fact would you like to sign my petition? Just saying.

By the way, what is your ‘professed faith?’ Big government?

Judy Watson


Never ending protests

Variations of the political left of today seem to see moral/ethical issues as being all relative without distinction of right and wrong. Political and cultural issues, on the other hand, are viewed clearly as “us vs them”, good vs bad - devoid of any doubt. I truly wish I could be as certain of anything as they seem to be certain of everything.

Many millennials of today are the children and grandchildren of those protesting in the 1960s-80s. They ridicule the military draft avoidance of President Trump yet their parents previously advocated exactly the same. They say we are abandoning the Kurds who fought with us in Syria while their parents cheered our abandonment of Vietnam in 1973. No one is above the law and Trump has put us in a “constitutional crisis” we are frantically told. That does not hold true however if you are in violation of immigration law; especially if you live in a sanctuary city.

The duplicity is endless and is both fascinating and entertaining to watch.

There is more to the anguish and fear of the Left’s obsession with Donald Trump than just his election. Everyone acknowledges his conduct is eccentric; but that is only an excuse. He has been given endless free rent in their heads — why? His election did prevent the extension of the Obama years, but perhaps more fundamentally this is about power-not Trump’s behavior.

Trump openly exposes their policies and beliefs as the emotion driven shallowness of thought and long term ill effects they represent. That is the real core issue. Revealing that the “Emperor has no clothes” is unforgivable and therefore he must be removed.

Future generations will protest — just like their parents did.  

John Manning


‘Our esteemed president’

You’re wrong, Ed Galindo. Our esteemed president has not used every trick in the political book to destroy our form of government.

Our esteemed president has used every trick in the political book to save our form of government. Did you forget that it was Obama that dictated by executive orders? President Trump is trying to return the government to what it was before Obama.

But I am happy to know that you know Nancy Pelosi is the one who politicized all powers of impeachment not Trump. That should be all you need to know to know that impeachment against President Trump is a witch hunt.

And Guy Marsh keeps cracking me up, he said Marxists and Marxism are completely off limits to the for profit media. Then he said that forums such as this one are nearly all that we have. But isn’t this forum in a for profit newspaper?

That’s funny Mr. Marsh.

David Cooper


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