Letters from readers, October 24, 2019

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Loved Walter Williams article last Sunday that all the climate change enthusiasts predictions for the last 50 years has been wrong. I guess Tom Steyers prediction that if GOP wins in 2020 we are in for armageddon for the whole world will probably go up in smoke also.

Old Gov nonsense seems to be signing everything the Sacramento carpetbaggers lay I front of him. They will just let the courts decide which ones are good bills and which are just the normal liberal noise. Nobody will enforce most of them anyway just like most of the feel good laws they pass. They should go back to a part time state legislature you know maybe two weeks a year. Look at all the money the state would save that they couldn’t spend if they weren’t in Sacramento. They don’t call it the left coast for nothing.

I see the liberal “news” is slobbering all over governor nonsense he’s the leader of the left wind socialist wingnuts.

Steve Brewer


There is a Common Sense Party

Mr. Biff Baker’s letter to the Valley Press on Friday spoke of the need for a common sense party. Socially moderate and fiscally responsible people do not feel comfortable in either major party in California, Mr. Baker noted.  I am delighted to pass along to Mr. Baker, and readers of the Valley Press, that we are forming just such a party, and it’s called the Common Sense Party. Please check out our website at cacommonsense.org. It’s the party for “the rest of us.”

Tom Campbell

Lake Forest, CA


The world will be a better place when Hillary Clinton can no longer speak.

Curt Redecker


When Republicans turn on their own

Don’t you just love it when Republicans attack fellow Republicans?  

John Bolton, Trump’s former NSA head, declared that Rudy Giuliani was like a hand grenade, who “is going to blow everyone up.” He also told Fiona Hill, Trump’s chief advisor on Russia, to inform national security lawyers that the White House was trying to get the Ukrainian government to interfere in our 2020 presidential election and thus break the law.  He stated that Trump’s foreign policy was like a crazy drug deal.

Newly appointed Defense Secretary Mark Esper, concluded that Trump’s dangerous decision to pull out our troops in Syria could lead to “possible war crimes and a humanitarian crisis.” Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, harshly criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw our troops, declaring, “it would create the very conditions we have worked hard to destroy and invite the resurgence of ISIS.”

Marie Youanovitch, the long time, much admired foreign service employee, and former ambassador to Ukraine, told the House Intelligence Committee that she was terminated by Trump because she refused to support his efforts to get the Ukrainian president to violate the law and interfere in the U.S. elections.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s lapdog for more than two years, declared Trump’s cowardly act of subjecting the Kurds to being massacred by the Turks, was his biggest blunder since he took office. And one of my favorites, former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerman, referred to Trump as a “moron.”

Ralph S. Brax


Benedict Arnold

No matter how you Republicans, Conservatives and Trumpsters try to slice it, dice it, twist it, turn it or spin it, you can’t get around the fact that Donal Trump “Benedict Arnold” the Kurds. He sold them out just like Benedict Arnold sold out his country.

Marty Scepan


Slipping down the social hierarchy

In response to the letter from Mrs. Sherman, much of the power to discipline has been taken away by the state of California (and the laws thereof). The high school district was slapped years ago by the state and hence we can do very little disciplining now.

AVUHSD Board member Ruffin still feels we’re doing a poor job of it. Further, there are many parents who don’t want us to discipline their student (believe it or not).

One of the things that the state told us was that we were cheating the problem child out of their education (whether said student was actually taking advantage of it or not).

Jerry Brown was close to CTA, but Newsom (passing the 8:30 a.m. high school start time) apparently is not. I can’t think of a time before when being a teacher was so low on the social hierarchy.

It seems that people don’t care about teachers or the hard work/long hours that many of still put in. The Kardashians and professional sports have us beat out in the social consciousness.

Perhaps we still outrank public opinions of Congress.

John Sannes


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