Second-worst president

Continuing to read Mr. Manning’s letter shows a disturbing trend. He (along with other conservative Republicans) writes as if Trump walks on water and all of the blame is solely on the Democrats. Since history repeats itself, I wondered if this trend has happened before. Sadly, it has.

In 1972, former president Nixon won his second term with a Gallup Poll approval rating of 68% (Jan 1973). However, Republicans disliked Nixon ever since he was Eisenhower’s running mate. Republicans felt that Eisenhower was too soft towards communist foreign policy and charting a course towards New Deal Republicanism. That also translated to Nixon especially since he opened relations with Communist China as president. However, the Watergate affair changed everything.

Conservatives rallied around him, blaming the Democrats: “For example, Paul Harvey, the radio personality, repeated the attack in his nationally syndicated broadcast. How, he wondered, could the American people accept an all-powerful media capable of turning “a prosecution into a persecution”? And when Sen. Jesse Helms appeared on Manion’s show, he railed against “the incredible New York Times-Washington Post syndicate, which controls to a large degree what the American people will read and learn.”

When Nixon embraced liberal policies, (Family Assistance Plan, arms-controls agreements, etc.) conservatives wrongly believed that he was being forced to do it. However, there was “…a shift in conservatives’ views of Nixon after the release of the infamous tapes, when the evidence of misconduct simply grew too great to ignore.” (“A Forgotten Lesson Of Watergate:  Conservatives May Rally Around Trump,” www.vox.com, May 2017)

After Watergate, Nixon’s polls fell to 48%. (“From The Archives: How The Watergate Crisis Eroded Public Support For Richard Nixon,” pewresearch.org, Sep 2019).

Looking to the present, it shows how conservatives continue to blame Democrats. Trump will follow Nixon as the worst president in history.

Vincent White


And now for something completely different

My heart is torn

My love is worn

My thought expand my dreams

demand my love tries bye

and bye. My hope is little

my dreams are big my

life a tangle, in what’s been said.

I try my days I try my

nights my tears shed up

in evenings light ... My heart

longs to be whole as I

loose self control in fear in hope

in life and love my life

a dream revoked. But in the

end as time begins I try

time and again. The

thirst for happiness at

my door peace and love

forever more.

Dymphna Blower Nesel


Ode to the

school counselor

College application season is here. Overwhelmed with trying to help your child apply? Turn to your child’s school counselor. Your local school counselor is responsible for assisting all students with their academic achievement, their personal and social development, as well as their career development.

School counselors are focused on assisting students in becoming productive well-adjusted adults of the future. School counselors achieve this vast task by creating and implementing classroom curriculum, meeting with students individually to create and achieve goals, and providing responsive services (ASCA, 2018). School counselors are responsible for advising and academic planning, providing counseling for students in individual sessions or small groups, building classroom connections with teachers, consulting with administration to resolve student issues and meet student needs, as well as advocating for students in and out of the classroom. However, school counselors are not responsible for discipline.

It is beneficial for students to have access to a school counselor because they act as the students advocate, additional source of information and link to outside resources - especially regarding college applications. School counselors can assist with finding universities that will be a good fit for your child and your family, completing the necessary applications, applying for financial aid and ensuring that all requirements held by the university have been met upon submission. So, reach out to your school counselor. They would be happy to help your child successfully move on into the next stage of their life.

Megan Loucks



recall, please

I couldn’t agree more with Jim Gardner when he said those of use who supported the recall and worked for it are both disappointed and fearful about the future.

The high school district gang of three are destroying our schools. I have four grand children who go to school in the district and I can’t stand the thought that there futures are being controlled by social engineers instead of teachers with American and Christian values.

So I would also like it if a person with deep pockets could pay for another recall.

David Cooper


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