Letters from readers, October 16, 2019

‘Dripping with irony’

I think it is an absolute disgrace!  

Campaign funds being funneled from a nefarious businessman to affect our federal elections. Who would have thunk it?  

I think Maxine Waters is right. Impeachment is too good for the likes of crooked politicians.  Regardless of evidence or a trial they should all be locked up and the key thrown away. Not President Trump of course.  

I am talking about the barely reported illegal campaign funds funneled into two election campaigns for once presidential hopeful, and our own home state wunderkind Eric “I know nothing” Swalwell.  

Chinese American developer, James Fong, was recently convicted of using straw donors to funnel $38,000 into Swalwell’s 2012 and 2014 congressional campaigns.  

Of course Swalwell, like the president denies any wrongdoing, but it seems strange that the FBIs National Security Branch, which is tasked with detecting, deterring and disrupting national security threats to the United States and its interests was involved in the Fong investigation.  

Just like the Chinese spy who for many years worked for Senator Diane Feinstein, investigative reporters were notoriously uncurious when it came to looking into possible corruption even though Feinsteins’ family had lucrative business holdings in China.  

As for Swalwell, well I think it is absolutely dripping in irony that he is on the same impeachment committee that is investigating the impact of foreign and financial influence on President Trump’s election.  

Of course, I expect President Trump to get a fair shake. After all, Swalwell is a man of unquestioned integrity, right?

Bill Heard


No connections

A writer here implied that serving our country means military service.  

Along those lines, I do not recall a Trump of a Romney ever serving.  John McCain served, but was said not to be a hero. I did serve, primarily due to the fact that my family was not owed a favor by a podiatrist.

Michael Komins



Robert McGregor asked, “Does automation in the workplace change your attitude on the border debate?”

No. The U.S., which creates more climate refugees, economic refugees, and war refugees than perhaps all other countries, combined, is morally obligated to accept a large number of such individuals irrespective of automation. (As an aside, since 2011, the tiny state of Jordan, as an example, has received 2.6 million refugees while creating none. Evidently, Jordan is a great nation while the U.S. is not.)

But, yes, as Robert McGregor accurately stated, “36 million Americans are at risk of losing their jobs to automation.” After all, as Derek Thompson points out in his book “A World Without Work,” “For the capitalist, labor is a problem that progress solves.”

Yet as the Economist recently noted, “Squeezing out the middle class (through widespread automation) could generate a more antagonistic, unstable, and potentially dangerous politics.” Therefore, within the context of the capitalist system, a drastically automated means of production would likely prove highly problematic for both the working class (and) the capitalist class.

McGregor: “It’s a real conundrum, isn’t it?” Indeed it is. The solution would be to socialize and democratize this society’s means of production, thereby making it possible for automation to finally meet the material needs of society-at-large rather than the insatiable rapacity of capitalists.

So too would a socialized and democratized means of production put an end to the American plutocracy. Doing so would enable us to reverse the climate catastrophe, allow for indigenous economic development within the Third World, and, concomitantly, to abort the very impetus for war - capitalism.  

(Related reading: “People Get Ready; The Fight Against A Jobless Economy …” by Robert McChesney and John Nichols.)

Guy Marsh


Three ring circus

For $24,910 worth of billable attorney fees in August I am sure Davis, Ruffin and Parrell will receive a Hickory Farms gift basket from that law firm, and may the summer sausage clog their arteries and speed up the culling process! Maybe instead of investigating Winn there should be an investigation of all the billing that comes from the law firm that the three ring circus board majority has chosen to represent their interests.

Davis, I really hope you read this and get the message that you have one job and it is not to unravel a school district. Please resign and move to another state and stay out of politics.

Your as much of a failure as a new gas tax in California. I really hope that one of you can be unseated to dissolve your majority, preferably Amanda Powell and her puppet strings. I am ashamed with all three of you. Basically you are a band political sickos.

Jordan Eisenman


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