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They’re not it

I am sorry to read in an opinion letter by Bill Homan, that they will soon be moving away.

I do not know Mr. Homan, but I have always enjoyed his opinion letters, most of which he said things, made points about and usually was far more level headed than me.

His style was what I wanted for my own feeble attempts, so Mr. Homan, sad to lose you from the Opinion pages, and I wish you and your family much greater happiness and peace wherever you settle.

So, as this is written, it seems that a couple of folk, leftist Socialcrats have dropped out of the race for their party’s nomination for POTUS.

I think there are under 20 left in the race, but 17 or so of those should also quit. No shame in it.

If you can’t get 20% of your own party’s vote, then what makes you think you can carry the country? Well?

That would leave about three, one of who tells lies, gets things wrong on a daily basis, can’t stay awake and is a walking insult to grandpas everywhere. And another who did the inexcusable, said she was a person of color, knowing all along that she was not and up until a year or so ago, was getting away with it. Oops!

Come on, Democrats, find one true Democrat to run. None of the double dozen are it.

Skip Thacker


Cater to your clients

The United States is a country based on a Capitalist, Socialist Government. Businesses are established to produce a maximum benefit to its owners. Thus an owner will want to present , sell or perform his product to whomever he can. This will hopefully bring him a profit.

We are in a multi-culture country. To prosper in this society a business must cater to all inhabitance if they are going to survive; Hence the necessity to be multi-lingual and cater to all,  is necessary to be successful.

In the Antelope Valley, the Latino Culture is now composed of close to 50% of the population. This group is basically composed of workers, and history has disclosed that this group buys!  

Conclusion; If you want to succeed in business learn the language, ethnicity and culture of your clients.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

A pat on the back

I read recently in the AV Press that the City of Palmdale is considering private animal rescue groups to handle all the animal concerns in Palmdale, because the costs of using L.A. County Animal Care and Control are so high.

That is just laughable, impractical, and not even possible. Even the largest and most active private rescue groups couldn’t begin to handle the problems, not to mention being able to afford to sustain any kind of animal control over a long period of time!

At one time, I was the volunteer coordinator for the L.A. County Animal Control shelter in Lancaster. I worked closely with so many of the well meaning, hard working private animal rescue groups. They have limited resources and manpower. I also worked almost daily with the people who work at the L.A County Shelter — and there was only one in those days, not a new one in Palmdale like there is now.

The L.A. County Shelters are pushed to the max to try to keep up with the ever-growing animal control problem in the Antelope Valley. Every single Animal Control Officer and also all the office and kennel staff worked so hard to control and protect the animal overpopulation in this Valley. This is still true today.

There are also lots of volunteers in the two AV shelters. But I insist that everyone employees and volunteers alike — are doing a wonderful job to try to deal with the overwhelming populations of stray and abandoned animals. The public must also take some responsibility for these animals and abide by the laws of spaying and neutering, and licensing. That is the law.

And meanwhile, give a pat on the back and some appreciation for the L.A County Animal Control staff everywhere.

Patty Akkad


Igor and ‘shiftless’

Seems that in Alaska now that if you want to have public sector unions deduct dues for the union to use for political affairs you have to opt-in every year. There was a lawsuit something about using union money for political reasons that they don’t believe in. If it was that way when I was still working I could have saved a lot of money.

Seeing old shiftless picture next to your headline that he is face of the dems reminds me of old adage bring in the clowns.

Seems shiftless knew about the “whistleblower” complaint in July. Then the IC changed the whistleblower form from firsthand knowledge to hearsay on August 19 then they released the “complaint.”

Seems shiftless also held a fundraiser July 13, 2013 at a DC residence of one Igor Paternak for a minimum donation of 1,000 dollars. Igor is a Ukrainian arms dealer with ties to Soros.

Seems that shiftless never really had that information that was positively was going to be that silver bullet that was going to impeach president Trump for the last 3 years huh?

Steve Brewer


A slow, painful death

A Washington Post analysis shows that 40% of the 217 Republicans in office in January 2017 are gone or leaving.  

It’s ironic that the Trump voters who still stick with him like chewing gum on a shoe sole are killing the Republican Party.  

They wanted him to disrupt things in Washington and he certainly is doing that to the GOP. I guess Democrats should thank him.

It’s a slow, painful and well-deserved death for the GOP.  

Bill Pappas


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