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Sad incident

After reading the lengthy article on page one of the VP of 9/7/19, and thinking about it for a couple of hours, I felt the need to write an opinion letter about this sad incident.

So naturally, I have questions. 1. How is it in today’s world, five college educated women failed to understand the hurt a noose causes? To one has an acceptable excuse. Why? There are non. From the article, it would appear that the total years of teaching is approx 63. Sixty-three years, with kids of all colors and you don’t know what a noose stands for? Hogwash.

2. Where did each of these women go to high school? What colleges? Have they zero contact with TV, radio news? With print news? With the web? Oh, if the youngest teacher, #4, found out about racial overtones of a noose from her husband, ho my be young (25, etc.), how is it the other failed?

Of course, there are many other questions that these five need to answer, questions only a black mom and dad can as, about interactions with their children.

I totally agree with all the re-training that each teacher must now go through and it should be mandatory that every teacher take a black history course class, one teaching the hard things like nooses, KKK, etc.

As for what to do with these five? The principal has left, apparently moved and hopefully out of teaching for life. Yes, she can be forgiven, so can the other four. That may take a while.

Ricky Ricardo said it best, “Lucy, you have some ’splaining to do.”

These women do, too, and then the district can get it right.

Skip Thacker


Justice will prevail

Gordon Caplan Esq. Attorney and Co-Chair of Willkie Farr and Gallagher, an International Law Firm, On Deans Council of Fordham Law School, a member of the Board of Publiclor a non-profit, and a member of the New York Bar; Has just received a sentence for the College School Scam.

He has been disbarred from further practice of law, he was fired from his law firm, he must serve one month in jail, pay a fine of $50,000 and perform 250 hours of community service.

Judge Indira Talwani indicated, in her sentencing, that as an attorney Caplan knew that what he was doing was illegal and that he was not concerned with the law or of the moral issues he was disobeying. All he seemed to be concerned with was being caught.

Surprise, he was!

Along with about 50 others the school scam was discovered and all are in the process of being sentenced or held for trial if pleading not guilty.

Under our Government system and given time, eventually, Justice will prevail.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

If only

If only, Elaine MacDonald. Your October 4 letter defending Judy Watson played the “forgiveness card” regarding Watson’s Christian faith and her support of Trump.  If only Judy Watson were as forgiving of Democrats as she is of Trump, you might have a valid point.  But she isn’t and apparently you aren’t either as you both do harm to the faith. “Lock her up!”  

Her letters are purely and politically partisan and calling herself a Christian is no excuse or defense for her selective forgiveness of Trump doing real harm to people while holding Democrats to a different standard. “Send her back!”   That is called hypocrisy and Judy Watson isn’t the only CINO (Christian in name only) doing that.

When Trump is not pandering for Christian votes, his life is the furthest thing from Christian values. Trump has threatened a whistleblower putting his life at risk. Do you and Watson forgive that?  

However, I do respect and admire those few Christians who live their faith. Typically, unlike Watson and yourself, they don’t pervert its teachings for political purposes.  

Bill Pappas


Blame the Dems

The press are breathlessly reporting that President Donald Trump’s former adviser on Russia Fiona Hill “reportedly” told Congress “that ex-national security adviser John Bolton was so alarmed over efforts to get Ukraine to provide political help that he called it a “drug deal,” according to The New York Times.

This tid-bit of someone speaking about another person, gossip, is leaked by three unnamed (cowards) people (democrats) who heard the testimony on Monday, 14 October. The hearing before the Democrat controlled meeting is “secret” for the purpose that only information the Democrats want out gets out.

We the people do not get to read the transcript of questions and answers. The Republicans cannot bring in witnesses and this reader is uncertain that the Republicans can question the Democrat witnesses in their ‘push marketing scheme’ to have the public demand a Democrat impeachment — better said “demand they complete their Coup d’etat of the president.

Since before the election and after Mr. Trump was elected president by the electoral college, the democrats have fomented impeachment. Adam Schiff, Democrat from California, during the ‘Russian probe’ stated that he actually possessed evidence of collusion with Russians. Result, this pederast Schiff, NEVER presented his ‘evidence.’ What can we conclude? Schiff lied.

It appears the tactic of these democrats is to use un-named sources, to promote gossip and rumor in their effort to slander, holding one-sided hearings only they report on. This is how tyrants act.

Richard Skidmore


‘Reckless conduct’

In Rudolph Giulliani’s role as Donald Trump’s personal attorney, he is obligated to advance the interests of his client.

So, in his counterfeit capacity of directing foreign policy with Ukraine, he is not legally or ethically obligated to advance the United States’ interests. And adding to the disturbing fact that Giuliani is woefully under-qualified to skillfully navigate complicated foreign policy issues, he is not bound to prioritize our national interests.

Giuliani has not undergone Senate confirmation, thereby circumventing oversight by a co-equal branch of government. Not an advisable way to conduct foreign policy.

Donald Trump proceeded heedless of the wealth of information and expertise regarding Ukraine available to him by career professionals.

In fact, he vigorously sidestepped these men and women so he could instead advance his shady shoot-from-the-hip diplomacy. He appointed to crucial positions those with malleable morals willing to acquiesce to his selfish whims.

The president’s obsession with his own interests were manifested in his assigning Rudi Giuliani and Gordon Sondland to handle Ukraine matters. Both men were hand-picked for their loyalty to Trump, not their diplomatic know-how.

Such reckless conduct is largely why Donald Trump’s presidency is in jeopardy. So it should be.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

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