Nancy storms out of White House meeting along with bobbleheads Hoyer and Schumer dramatically claiming Trump had a meltdown and was rude to her!

What’s next?

The democrat debate of last night is over and we again have no clear electable candidate. What I saw was 12 millionaires telling us how bad off the country is, how awful our President is, and how they plan to raise our taxes.

President Trump has not made himself very likable either and has overused twitter in some questionable ways.   But there has been no conviction of a crime and he has some major successes as  president.   

His recent China trade agreement should please farmers and others who do business in China. The middle east is a real problem but we should remember that the last two presidents pulled troops out of the middle east without a plan and chaos followed.

The democrats fervor for impeachment has not abated.  They have yet to make a clear case for impeachment. As they continue to lose their arguments for impeachment they have all sunk to slander to make their point.  

There is not a newscast or newspaper that does not have a democrat slandering the President theses days.

It is clear that the president has a thick skin and is not affected but much of what is said. He took office to do a job and his campaign promises are more important to him.

But think about it. The democrats have jumped from one issue to another in their desperation. First, he’s a racist.

Then  gun control. Since that’s old news it’s the China trade wars. Then  Syria and now impeachment. I wonder what the democrats will come up with next?

Regardless of all this chaos, every American needs  to choose a candidate and once the election is over should support the winner. We can’t continue to live in an atmosphere  of hate simply because we disagree.

Jim Gardner


Fear for homeless

I fear that based on recent published articles, the listed events may occur:

1.If the U S Supreme Court will rule to “Criminalize Homelessness”

2. If California’s Governor issues a Homeless state of emergency

3. “Big Business” will pressure the Governor to call out the California National Guard to relocate all homeless into prepared camps in preparation for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.  “Big Business” is loosing  patience with City and County financial failures not reducing the homeless population.

4. These events will be similar to what happened to west coast Japanese during the early 1940’s


1. 9/5/19  New York Times: “Laws punishing Homeless People for Sleeping in Public are Cruel and Unusual, Court Rules”

2. 9/18/19 Los Angeles Times: “LA County Board votes to support appeal regarding where homeless people can sleep”

3. 9/19/19 Antelope Valley Press: “Will being homeless become a Crime?”

4. 9/27/19 Los Angeles Times: “Throwing people in Jail on drug charges? That’s Bakersfield idea to fight homelessness”  “The plan, spearheaded by Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood and County Dist. Atty. Cynthia Zimmer, remains in early stages.”

5. 9/24/19 LA Daily News: “Its time to declare a State of Emergency on Homeless.”  A State of emergency is defined in the California Emergency Services Act as conditions… “which, by reason of their magnitude, are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of any single county, city, and county, or city and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat.”  “If the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles and the rest of the state doesn’t fit that definition I do not know what does.”  Written by Mr. Joe Buscaino, serves on the Los Angeles City Council.

Gordon Jefferson



and worthless’

I just figured out why liberal politicians hate Donald Trump so much.  

Well, not only Democrats, but “Never Trumpers” from the Washington swamp, and some Republican politicians too.  He makes them look irrelevant and worthless. I call Trump the “Forrest Gump” politician — “One day I was a businessman, and just like that I was president.”  

It must be particularly galling for these career politicians and DC bottom feeders to see someone, with no experience, zoom past them to the pinnacle of a political career.   

Politicians in this country tend not to be the nation’s most talented people. Look at our own experience here in the AV.  

Our current congresswoman is a homeless advocate, whose biography is quite lackluster. As for effective, I think not. Perhaps we might see her out stumping in the numerous RVs that are increasingly littering our local desert. Our prior representative, Steve Knight, was a low level police department functionary, who walked right into his daddy’s political shoes. Hardly our best and brightest.    

Oddly enough, no matter how much rancor there is in Washington, for the most part, the nation just keeps rolling along. Like I said, politicians — irrelevant and worthless.  

Bill Heard


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